oh my god couple drank two cups of coffee astonished to see Starbucks Rs 306000 bill know then. Coffee so expensive? A couple drank two cups of coffee, Starbucks sent a bill of 3.6 lakhs, know then…

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You will be shocked to hear the price of two cups of coffee

Expensive Coffee: If we say that the cost of two cups of coffee is in lakhs, then you will laugh and consider it as a joke. But it is a fact that the bill for two cups of coffee has been sent for three lakh six thousand rupees. A couple ordered two cups of coffee from a Starbucks outlet and were shocked to see the bill. According to news reports, an American couple Jesse and DD O’Dell had to pay around ₹3.6 lakh ($4,456.27) for two cups of Starbucks coffee. This Oklahoma couple had to pay such a huge price for two cups of coffee, which they did not pay for the whole year’s food. Both ordered two cups of coffee, an iced Americano and a Caramel Frappuccino.

When the couple went out for a walk, they drank two cups of Starbucks coffee and paid with a credit card. He did not immediately know how much money was deducted, but the next time he went shopping, the balance over limit started appearing. When he checked his statement, the ground beneath his feet slipped. He had paid three lakh six thousand rupees for a maximum of five to six hundred rupees coffee. As soon as they came to know about this, both of them reached the shocked-disturbed Starbucks outlet and complained.

Couple complains, Starbucks responds

The New York Post reported that the couple then had to reach out to customer service approximately 30 – 40 times to resolve the matter. However, a Starbucks representative blamed the couple and said that Jessie had given the big tip. But Jesse denied the claim and said that he had opted for the ‘no tip’ option. On this the representative said that there might have been a network problem.

After this, on the complaint of the couple, Starbucks replied that it was a mistake. To rectify the mistake, Starbucks deducted the correct price for the coffee and handed over a check for the remaining amount to the couple. But couple Jessie and Odell say that the check bounced. They say Starbucks’ attitude has left them extremely disappointed, despite the couple having been drinking coffee from the same company for years. Showing the coffee bill, he said that we have tasted the world’s most expensive coffee so far. Laughing, he said that hardly anyone would have drunk such expensive coffee before.

The couple has withdrawn the complaint lodged with the police after they got the money from a new check issued by Starbucks. Jesse also warned other Starbucks customers to pay attention to such “network errors” on their bills. Let us tell you that Starbucks is known for its exorbitantly priced coffee. But such an expensive coffee, after listening to it, one would say – Baap hey baap.

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