Ola e-scooter users can check live status availability of Hyperchargers. Details

Those looking to charge their Ola Electric scooters will now be able to track the live status availability of an Ola Hypercharger, and the feature to do so will be activated on the Ola Electric app on Monday, company co-founder and CEO Bhavish Aggarwal has announced.

The feature will be available from Monday (Twitter/Bhavish Aggarwal)
The feature will be available from Monday (Twitter/Bhavish Aggarwal)

The ability to see the live status availability of an Ola Hypercharger was ‘one of the topmost requested features,” according to Aggarwal.

“New hypercharger discovery coming to the Ola Electric app on Monday. You’ll be able to see live status availability. One of the topmost requested features!” he said in a tweet.

With his post, he also shared a preview of how this ability will work. It is, however, not known whether the feature, for now, will be available only in Bengaluru – where Ola Electric is headquartered – or across India. This is because the preview shared by Aggarwal was for a location in Bengaluru.

What is Ola Hypercharger?

Ola’s Hypercharger Network is an extensive charging network for the company’s 2-wheelers. Charging is free at all such stations, and the claimed range for its e-scooters after 15 minutes of charging is 50 km.

The firm began installing its charging stations in December 2021. By November 2022, as many as 50 Hyperchargers were active across various cities.

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