how to choose best EV shares to buy in the stock market of india know good tips for bumper returns | Which EV shares to buy to invest in the Stock Market? Learn how to pick the right stocks for bumper returns

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Best EV Shares: The coming time is going to be of futuristic companies like No Doubt EV, Green Energy, Solar. There are many companies working in this field. Many new startups have come up and many more are in line. In such a situation, the number of these companies is going to be so high that in the initial stages it will be difficult for a new investor to decide which company to choose for investment.

What’s the problem with EV?

The central government gives tax exemption on the purchase of EV vehicles. However, due to the lack of charging infrastructure, the trend of buyers is less in this direction. Right now the matter of first you first you is going on between the companies. That is, the companies that set up charging stations are telling the car makers to make that many cars first, while the car manufacturers are saying that they should install charging stations before the cars arrive. In such a situation, those companies can win, which along with making cars will also establish charging stations. Now which companies will they be in this era? Its picture is not very clear at the moment. But one or two names are on everyone’s lips like Tata. But apart from this there are many companies which can come in this line.

Don’t send fry… don’t try new company

The most important component of an EV is the battery. It has a lithium ion battery. Now three types of companies are making this battery also. A company that is already making traditional batteries. Like Exide and Amar Raja Battery. The other companies that are making cars. Many of them are also making Lithium Ion batteries and many are also working towards making it. And thirdly those companies which are completely new in this field. Since the most expensive component in an EV is going to be the battery. That’s why most car makers will also make lithium ion batteries. Because when the battery swapping system starts, then the demand for these batteries will be maximum at the charging stations. People will come to the charging station and instead of charging the car battery, they will take the charged battery and leave their discharged battery. No one has that much time to spend 4 to 6 hours sitting at a charging station charging the battery during a journey of 1000 kms. In such a situation, you will feel that brother should invest in EV car manufacturing company and Lithium Ion manufacturing company. But as I mentioned above, you will not be able to decide in which company you will invest. Because gradually its picture will become clear that who can become a master of this field? If you invest in a wrong company looking at the future of EVs, then you may get trapped, your money may get trapped.

Invest only in well-known companies

The above mentioned thing also applies to companies with Solar and Green Energy. Both these fields also come under the Emerging sector. Keeping the environment in mind, the government is also promoting these three sectors. But as far as investing is concerned, before investing, you should invest your hard earned money where the risk is less, otherwise you will not even know when your money will go up in smoke. So my opinion is that if you have little understanding about the fundamentals of companies or are a new investor then invest only in big and stable companies. Whether you buy shares of large cap companies or invest in mutual and index funds. All you have to do is stay away from penny stocks or new companies. Only then you will be able to generate more returns than others despite having little knowledge. Otherwise, you will be satisfied with the returns of FD for the rest of your life. After all, why getting FD in the bank is considered equal to setting money on fire, you can understand it in easy language by reading the article given below.

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