Which flower is good for hair growth? 5 flowers for hair growth in hindi

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Flowers for hair growth: What people do not do to increase hair growth. But, today we will tell you about 5 such flowers which you can use to overcome many hair problems. These flowers not only reduce dandruff, but they also have the properties of activating hair follicle cells that nourish hair, increase blood circulation to hair and can help you grow long hair. Come, let’s know about these flowers.

Which flower is good for hair growth?

Hibiscus for hair growth

Take 8-10 leaves and 4-5 flowers of Hibiscus and grind them finely. Heat 100 ml coconut oil and add it. Massage it on the scalp. This oil will help in nourishing your hair by increasing blood circulation and this will make hair grow faster.

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2. Jasmine for hair growth

Jasmine flowers work in many ways for hair. It moisturises the hair and scalp and promotes hair growth. To retain moisture in your hair and scalp, apply jasmine oil mixed with other hair moisturizing products or soak the flower in coconut oil and then apply it to your hair.

3. Bhringraj – Bhringraj for hair growth

Bhringraj is not only antibacterial, but it is beneficial for hair in many ways. Mix bhringa flowers in castor oil and then massage your hair with this oil. It strengthens the roots of your hair, reduces scalp infection and dandruff and increases hair growth.


Image Source : FREEPIK


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Marigold for hair growth

Marigold flower is beneficial for hair in many ways. This flower is full of anti bacterial and antifungal properties which can help you in reducing skin infection in hair. So, you should take marigold flower and mix it with oil and apply it on the hair.

5. Rose for hair growth

Rose flower is beneficial for hair in many ways. Firstly it is antibacterial and secondly it can make your hair shiny. So, take 1 bowl of oil and add some rose petals to it. Warm it slightly and apply it to your hair. Second, grind rose petals and apply it to your hair.

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