Underarm Pigmentation: Steps To Get Rid Of Them

Summer is the time to flaunt those beautiful sleeveless or halter-neck tops and dresses and fish out those sexy swimwear. But sometimes, underarm pigmentation can cause people to be conscious and deter them from flaunting their bare skin. Not just women, many men too like to sport sleeveless vests and tees in summer. While people, especially women, should not be bogged down by preconceived notions of beauty, those who are looking to tackle underarm pigmentation, Dr Nishita Ranka, dermatologist, Medical Director & Founder of Dr. Nishita’a Clinic for Skin, Hair & Aesthetics, has some words of advice.

What Causes Underarm Pigmentation

While dealing with underarm pigmentation it is essential to first tackle the cause of underarm pigmentation, says Dr Nishita Ranka. She lists the following common causes:

1. Obesity: There is a condition called Acanthosis Nigricans which happens due to weight gain in obesity and certain hormonal disruptions. So if you are obese or overweight try cutting down on the weight.

2. Sweating: The second common cause is sweating, says Dr Raka. So tackle that by using some anti-fungal dusting powder which will also help in reducing the friction in this area.

3. Waxing/Shaving: Another very common cause of underarm pigmentation in men and women both is the removal of the hair either by waxing or by regularly shaving. So friction from both of these can also lead to thickening of the skin in that area and darkening of the skin. “So the best solution for that is laser hair reduction because this is a more permanent sort of solution and you don’t need to keep doing it after you finish your sessions. So the trigger or the trauma because of the friction can be reduced,” shares Dr Ranka.

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How To Tackle Underarm Pigmentation

Dr Ranka says that once people take care and address the causes of pigmentation, then “the existing pigmentation that is there can be tackled with certain skin-lightening creams which contain AHA’s like glycolic acid, lactic acid, arbutin, and kojic acid. These are all skin-lightening agents that can be used on the underarms at night.”

Dr Nishita Ranka gives some tips:

1. While looking for skin-lightening products, make sure that they are products specifically designed for your intertriginous areas or the folds of the body. Because skin hair can tend to be thin, if you use something very strong you can end up having a rash.

2. In most cases laser hair reduction along with skin-lightening creams works wonders. But if it’s still not helping, then once your laser sessions are done you can look for chemical peels to reduce the pigment there.

3. Another procedure that works wonderfully well to tackle this pigment is the Q switch and the NdYag laser which can be done in multiple sessions – maybe four or six sessions on the underarm area to help you lighten the underarms. But even after that friction has to be tackled then with the use of some dusting powders etc.

“Following all of these tips and procedures will help ensure that your underarm pigment lightens so you are able to flaunt all your sleeveless dresses and outfits during the summer,” says Dr Ranka.

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