Wonder of alum and rose water: Apply this 5 rupees thing mixed with rose water. Alum with rose water for face


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Benefits of alum and rose water: Alum is used in many ways in skin cleansing. Its special quality is to absorb oil from the skin and then clean the pores. Apart from this, it is also helpful in reducing pigmentation in your face. But when you apply alum mixed with rose water, it becomes more beneficial for your skin. Know why and how.

How to apply alum and rose water on the face – How to use alum with rose water

To use alum and rose water, first keep alum like powder and add rose water to it. After this, mix them and apply on your face. Keep this paste thin so that it does not stick to your skin. Scrubbing your face in about 5 minutes after applying this, wash it with cold water.


Image Source : FREEPIK


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Benefits of alum and rose water- Alum with rose water benefits

1. Helpful in acne

Alum is helpful in reducing the problem of acne. Actually, it is antibacterial and antifungal which is helpful in controlling acne bacteria along with cleaning the skin. This reduces the problem of acne and the face is clearly visible.

2. Reduces Inflammation

If there is swelling or redness in your skin, then both this alum and rose water can be useful for you. Both of these first stop the inflammation and its anti-inflammatory properties also reduce the redness inside the skin. So, if you have this problem then definitely apply these two faces.

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3. For flawless glowing skin

Both these things can work fast in getting flawless glowing skin. It cleanses your skin pores and corrects blood circulation in it, due to which the glow of the skin increases and your skin glows. So, use these two things and apply them on your face.

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