new parliament building stunning pictures know specialities. First glimpse from inside of the new parliament, see how grand it looks, the world will be jealous

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photo inside new parliament building

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi will inaugurate the new Parliament on May 28 but what does the new Parliament look like? The first high quality clear pictures of how it is from inside and how huge it is have come to the fore. It is seen that a multimedia display is also installed in front of the seat of every MP in the house. MPs will use the new technology for voting in both the Houses of Parliament. The new Parliament House has been designed in a triangular shape. Lok Sabha Hall can seat 888 MPs and Rajya Sabha Hall can seat 384 MPs. The green themed venue is the Lok Sabha.

The new Lok Sabha hall can have 1,272 seats for joint sessions. Its floor plan has been kept on the theme of the national bird peacock. Prime Minister Narendra Modi The new Parliament is exactly the way it was visualized by the Prime Minister.

new parliament building

Image Source: TWITTER

The new parliament is grand

The specialty of the new Parliament House-

  • The PM block is completely different in the new Parliament
  • The present Parliament House has chambers only for cabinet ministers.
  • Ministers of State will also have their own room in the new Parliament
  • Separate seating arrangements are being made for about 800 MPs.
  • MP’s lounge will be built in place of Shram Shakti Bhawan
  • Only biometric pass will work for entry in new parliament
  • A new pass will be made for the MPs as well as for the staff
  • MPs will be able to order food from the canteen through the Food App

In the new Lok Sabha, the Speaker’s seat is just below the Dhamma Chakra. The Leader of the Opposition in the Lok Sabha will sit on the left side of the seat, that is, just in front of the Prime Minister’s chair. (Back seats) Members of both the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha will sit on these seats of the house. The Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition in the Lok Sabha will have eye-to-eye contact with each other.

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If the Prime Minister looks to his left, there will be the Speaker’s seat. If you look at the new Lok Sabha from another angle, then the Lok Sabha looks like this. Above the sitting area for MPs, there is a side-by-side audience gallery, where journalists and guests who come to watch the proceedings of Parliament sit. The Visitors’ Gallery has a seating capacity of more than 336 people.

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