Hair Care Routine: Expert Shares Tips To Maintain Coloured Hair

Shiny, healthy, and glorious hair can add so much to the confidence of a person. No wonder many people love experimenting with their hair, be it with the length of the hair- varying between short, super short, or long, while some like to experiment with texture, where people with straight hair like to get curls and those with curly hair prefer the straight hair. 

Then some others love to experiment with hair colors and go sober with natural browns, burgundy, copper, or absolute head turners with colors like purple, green, magenta, etc. While the change in hair color does look attractive, the extent of damage that harsh chemical hair dyes can do is unimaginable.

Clelia Cecilia Angelon, CEO & Founder of Surya Brasil shares tips to maintain coloured hair. 

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After Care

Colored hair requires special care, so one must use the best combination of nature, ayurveda, and technology that can help the color to stay longer. When you use sulphate-based shampoos, they tend to ruin the hair color and wash it off in no time. That is why post-coloration shampoos and conditioners that are sulphate and parabens-free are advised. Sulphates can cause an imbalance of endocrine glands and also lead to the thyroid in worse cases. One should avoid shampooing frequently. You will see that your hair color stays longer and does not fade over time.

Treat The Worst Hair Damage

Condition your hair deeply. Henna is a natural conditioner and provides other nutrients for the healthy growth of the hair. You can use it after shampoo conditioners or leave-in conditioners. Co-washing, a technique where you wash your hair only with conditioner and not with shampoo, is also a good way to condition the hair and maintain moisture.

Switch To Vegan Hair Colour

If your hair has been damaged by chemical hair dyes then the obvious step is to stop the use. These dyes contain ammonia and its by-products like Ethanolamine, Dietanolamine, and Triethanolamine which can lead to cancer in worst cases.

Your henna must be free from TEA, DEA, sulfates, PPD, resorcinol, and hydrogen peroxide. Henna is a great alternative when you want to color your hair. Nowadays you can buy vegan, natural, and organic henna that has Brazilian organic extracts like Chamomile, Jua, Malva, Jaborandi, Babaçu Oil, Copaíba, Guaraná, Cumaru, Acai, Olive and Coconut Powder Oil, and Indian extracts like amla, etc that nourishes the hair and makes it healthier.

Moreover, you can have pre-mixed henna cream for easy application that can result in gorgeous colors like brown, natural black, copper, chocolate, blonde, and also red. Thus you can get the same results minus the harsh chemicals.

A simple switch from chemical-based products to natural ones can make a marked difference, and once you do this, nothing can stop you from flaunting those gorgeous tresses.


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