Palomas Debut In Dono Gains Mom Poonam Dhillons Blessings

New Delhi: The much-anticipated film ‘Dono,’ starring Rajveer Deol and Paloma and directed by Avnish Barjatya, has been making waves since its groundbreaking trailer launch in Mumbai. As the movie embraces the iconic Rajshri tradition, it holds a special place in the hearts of its debutant actors. Rajveer, Paloma, and Avnish recently shared heartwarming stories from the sets, revealing how their families played pivotal roles in their journey.

For Paloma, having her parents on the set was not just a moment of joy but also an incredibly emotional experience. She expressed, “More than me, this was like the biggest dream come true for my parents. Seeing me on set, I could see the happiness in their eyes. Papa came on the set on the first day, and he stood by my side throughout to support me. Seeing him there, I got very emotional and cried. Mom joined us on set multiple times, especially when I was shooting my first choreographed song. Having my family around on the ‘Dono’ set truly made the experience worthwhile.”

But there’s an extra layer of excitement surrounding Paloma’s journey in “Dono.” The legendary actress Poonam Dhillon, who is Paloma’s mother, paid a visit to the set, adding a touch of star-studded support. As fans eagerly anticipate Poonam Dhillon’s debut, Paloma’s heartfelt words about her family’s presence on set reflect the bond they share.

“Dono” truly embodies the spirit of a Rajshri film, a celebration of family values and emotions. As Rajshri Productions, now in its 76th year, carries forward its legacy, “Dono” serves as a milestone in the family’s illustrious cinematic journey. This renowned production house has always been a platform for launching fresh talent, and with “Dono,” it continues that tradition proudly.


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