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The Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Sunday dismissed the six guarantees announced by the Congress for the upcoming assembly elections in Telangana.

T Harish Rao (ANI)
T Harish Rao (ANI)

Senior BRS leader and state finance minister T Harish Rao said forget about implementing the six guarantees for the people of Telangana, there is no guarantee that the Congress would come to power.

Rao, who is a nephew of KCR, even wondered whether the Congress was a national party or a regional party. “If it is a national party, why is it releasing a separate manifesto for each state? Why can’t it announce these guarantees for the entire country and pass a resolution to that effect in the CWC [Congress Working Committee]?” he asked.

The minister asserted that Telangana state had become a reality not because of the mercy of any individual. The people of Telangana had fought for it and hundreds of youths had sacrificed their lives to achieve the statehood, he said.

Meanwhile, BJP state official spokesperson N V Subhash alleged that the Congress had the habit of announcing guarantees before the elections and ignoring them at a later stage. “Let the Congress disclose how many pre-election promises it had given during the Karnataka elections are being implemented now,” he said.

The BJP spokesman, too, demanded why the Congress was not able to implement similar guarantees in the states ruled by it.


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