Nikki Tamboli: I’m more than just a pretty face and people are now seeing it

After featuring in reality shows and music videos, actor Nikki Tamboli is working on making her OTT debut, and she is confident that her upcoming work slate will break the misconception about her just being a ‘pretty face’.

Nikki Tamboli got popular after participating in reality show, Bigg Boss
Nikki Tamboli got popular after participating in reality show, Bigg Boss

“I am an artiste who has no limits. Slowly and steadily, the people who matter are coming to terms with the fact that Nikki Tamboli is more than just a pretty face. And that makes me me do anything as an artiste,” she says.

The actor adds, “And that will reflect in my work as well as my characters. Whatever the makers feel that I will be good at, I will put my 200 per cent to slay in that department. That’s also because I have confidence that I can help you win over the world. When confidence blends with hard work and an unabashedly honest approach towards your craft, it is a seriously deadly combination”.

Talking about her strengths which she will bring to the table when she steps into the world of digital entertainment, Tamboli mentions, “I am a girl who loves to follow her guts and instincts and most importantly, I am able to keep myself away from any form of external judgement. That’s always been my go-to approach as an artiste and I am going to continue the same with good effect. Rest, I respect my audience and I am open to constructive feedback since I am open to learning and growing as an artiste with every passing day”.

There is no doubt that she will have to work extra hard to prove her worth as she has no filmy connections. And she is ready to do that.

“I don’t have a film background that will help me serve projects in a platter. I am here to create my own journey and there’s so much to focus on myself that sometimes, even 24 hours in a day is less. I am not for anything that’s a hindrance to my personal growth and well-being journey. This simple thought helps me have a sane mental health,” she ends.


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