Bigg Boss 17, Day 27 Written Updates: Salman Calls Out Aishwarya, Vicky For Being Disrespectful Towards Neil, Ankita

NEW DELHI: Viewers across the country wait with bated breath for the twists and shockers of Weekend Ka Vaar of Bigg Bos 17 tonight. The latest ‘Diwali Dhamaka’ episode shows ‘Dabangg’ host Salman Khan swiftly presenting a report card to the contestants based on their behaviours throughout the week. 

The biggest fight between Aishwarya Sharma and Neil Bhatt makes it to this Vaar. As Salman Khan addresses the friction, he tactfully points out instances of Aishwarya’s behaviour towards Neil. He admonishes Aishwarya for being disrespectful to Neil and cautions Neil about the potential toxicity creeping into their relationship, emphasizing the need for patience and emotional balance. 

Neil defends Aishwarya, highlighting their mutual understanding, but Salman issues a stern reminder that unchecked behaviour could jeopardize their connection. 

The host then sheds light on the dynamics of Vicky Jain and Ankita Lokhande’s relationship, schooling the former for his authoritative behaviour towards the latter. Making the Vaar even more explosive, Salman doesn’t hold back in reprimanding Mannara for seeking validation in the house. Find out the outcome of these scandalous muddas in tonight’s episode. 

Host Salman imitates Aishwarya in front of all the contestants. He asks the couple if this looks familiar. Then he asks Aishwarya, “Aap tiki hui hain, kyun ki do log aapke nakhre seh rahe hain, kaun hain ye dono, pata hain aapko? (You are here because of two people; can you guess who they are?)”

Aishwarya thinks and says, “One is Bigg Boss and the another is you?” To this, Salman Khan replies, “This is the problem with you. The other person is Neil.”

Further, the host shares that he thinks she is disrespectful toward her husband. And it’s not just him, but viewers also feel the same. Then, he goes on to show a few clips from their recent argument.

As the contestants return to the house, Aishwarya and Neil discuss about Salman’s remark on Weekend Ka Vaar. However, Aishwarya breaks into tears and refuses to listen to Neil and asks him to sit beside him. She says she does not want to raise her voice on him and does not want others in the Bigg Boss 17 house to know about their issues. She tells Neil, “I know you would do this, you would get conscious seeing the camera. You do the same during interviews.”

Amidst an air of palpable excitement, megastar Salman Khan graciously welcomes the sensational Bollywood diva Katrina Kaif, his co-star from the much-awaited movie ‘Tiger 3’ onto the stage for a dhamakedar Diwali celebration. As soon as she enters both the actors groove on the energetic track ‘Leke Prabhu ka Naam’ and set the tone for an entertaining episode filled with masti, music, and dance. 

Bringing her star presence to the show, Katrina Kaif says that she is on a mission to play ‘this time it’s personal’ game with the contestants. The episode witnesses an outpour of entertainment with many fun moments as soon as the comedy duo Bharti and Haarsh Limbachiya join the actors. From Haarsh playing a quiz on Tiger 1 and 2, to Bharti dancing with the host, the entertainment quotient will be at its peak tonight. 

There’s never a dull day on the drama front in the Bigg Boss house. The air is thick with tension as the couples engage in yet another heated argument. The looming question remains: will the relationships in the BIGG BOSS house withstand the challenges, emerging victorious, or will they succumb to the storms that lie ahead? 

Amidst all the fun, the sword of elimination hovers on the head of the nominated contestants and to find out which contestant’s journey comes to an end, stay tuned to the show. 


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