Salman Khans Fans Burst Firecrackers While Watching Tiger 3 Inside Nashik Theatre

New Delhi: Salman Khan’s much-awaited action-thriller ‘Tiger 3’ has taken the Box Office by storm, with fans flocking to theatres to watch their idol in action. However, some fans have taken their enthusiasm to a new level, by bursting crackers inside theatres.

Several videos have surfaced online showing a few enthusiastic fans bursting crackers and setting off smoke bombs inside a theatre in Malegaon in Maharashtra. This caused panic and disruption among other moviegoers and even led to some injuries. The videos showed a few excited fans bursting firecrackers inside a packed movie theatre during the screening of the film, thus disrupting the peaceful atmosphere and causing a stampede-like situation in the hall.

Whistles and loud cheers are heard in the video as the firecrackers ignite near the big screen. Within moments, people who had come to watch the movie in the theatre, were seen running for safety. The videos have gone viral on the internet and drawing flak from social media users.  

As the incident left the viewers in complete shocked, theatre owners expressed their concern over the behavior of these fans and warned that they are planning to initiate action against anyone who disrupts screenings. They also appealed to superstar Salman Khan to urge his fans to behave responsibly while watching the movie in cinema halls.

Following the incident, Salman Khan urged his fans against this and urged them to enjoy without putting anyone at risk.

This is not the first time that an incident like this has occurred inside theatres playing a Salman Khan movie. In 2021, during the release of ‘Antim: The Final Truth’, fans burst firecrackers inside a hall, and it caught Salman’s attention. Taking to social media, Salman had at the time condemned the incident and urged fans not to repeat it.


He had said, “Request all my fans not to take firecrackers inside the auditorium as it could prove to be a huge fire hazard thereby endangering your lives and also others. My request to theatre owners is not to allow firecrackers to be taken inside the cinema and security should stop them from doing so at the entry point. Enjoy the film by all means but please please avoid this is my request to all my fans.. thank you.”

It is hoped that Salman Khan’s fans will heed the warnings and refrain from bursting crackers inside theatres. Their actions are not only disruptive and dangerous, but they also give Salman Khan and his films a bad name.


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