Ridhi Dogra Lits 1000 Diyas To Celebrate Massive Success Of Jawan, Tiger 3

NEW DELHI: Actress Ridhi Dogra is currently at the peak of her career. The prominent actress recently starred in one of the biggest blockbusters of the year, ‘Jawan’. The film, starring Shah Rukh Khan, went on to earn 1000 crores plus worldwide, and the fans and the audiences hailed her performance in the character of Kaveri Amma. 

Following the massive success of the film, she starred as an important character in Salman Khan’s ‘Tiger 3’. She is playing the character of Shaheen in the film and breaking all the records for Diwali releases. 

To commemorate the global success of the 1000 crores of ‘Jawan’ and the love she is receiving for her appearance in ‘Tiger 3’, the actress is celebrating Diwali in a special way. Ridhi Dogra has lightened up the 1000 Diyas this Diwali and is celebrating the auspicious festival in a very joyful mood. 

The actress captioned the picture saying, “With a heart full of gratitude and joy this diwali I decided to do something I had never done before. Lit a 1000 for 1000 crore on #jawan whilst praying for a 1000 crore for #tiger3. Heart is so full and I wanted to spend my Diwali this year with a full heart for everything 2023 has been for me. From Lakadbagha, TVF Pitchers, Asur 2, Badtameez Dil, Mumbai Diaries to the two massive blockbusters. I am so very grateful and thankful and excited for everything to come. Just incredibly humbled and happy.”

The year 2023 has turned out to be extraordinary for the prominent actress, as on the one hand she has been blessed with immense love for her exceptional performance in Jawan, and on the other hand, fans and audiences are hailing her action-packed avatar in ‘Tiger 3’.

Recently, her blockbuster hit film ‘Jawan’ made its much-anticipated debut on the OTT platform, and the fever surrounding the film and her character remained as fervent as ever. Ridhi Dogra’s portrayal of Kaveri Aama has captured the hearts of fans worldwide; hence, they demanded to see more of her in the extended version.

Ridhi Dogra has enjoyed an exceptional year in her career in 2023. It started with Lakadbaggha’s release, ‘Asur 2’, ‘Badtameez Dil’, ‘Mumbai Diaries 2’, blockbuster ‘Jawan’, and now ‘Tiger 3’ has been released in worldwide cinemas.


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