Weekly Career Horoscope for Nov 20-26, 2023 | Astrology

Aries: Pay attention to networking and developing your professional network. Be on the lookout for other growth opportunities that may lead to an improvement in your job situation. Financially, think of budgeting and saving for future expenses. More planning now will give you peace of mind when it comes to financing security. Do not let stress hold you back; instead, utilise your energies towards building a better future tomorrow.

Get daily career and money astrological predictions that will help you make right decisions for your growth.
Get daily career and money astrological predictions that will help you make right decisions for your growth.

Taurus: This week, your fiercely independent spirit shines through. Superiors have observed the virtues in you, which is why they see hope for your career prospects. To improve finances, find additional investment or employment possibilities corresponding to your values. It’s time to turn your battles into financial victories. Be true to yourself, keep moving on, and know that it’s usually a lonely yet rewarding journey to success.

Gemini: Sign up for a language class or invest time in your hobbies to enhance your confidence and satisfaction. Your commitment to work will be impressive not only for subordinates but also for superiors and colleagues, which is a good base for job growth. This is also the time to use your funds for the right investments and start saving for tomorrow as a matter of priority. Scan the horizon for opportunities that support your long-term goals.

Cancer: Your career might sometimes have challenges, but don’t forget that every obstacle is a disguised opportunity. Be determined to achieve your set objectives and forge ahead. It’s a good time to take stock of budget and fiscal goals. As the week moves on, remain optimistic and flexible towards new opportunities. Being bold enough to take risks but enjoying the process will help develop your career and generate financial growth.

Leo: This week, match your personal and professional goals with your partners’ for better financial health and career. The magic words are trust and teamwork. Solicit the views or help of your fellow workers, business partners or friends. Also, talk about the financial issues with your partner. This will enhance financial stability by improving joint decision-making. Be cautious in budgeting and also make wise decisions.

Virgo: Use the extra energy this week to finish uncompleted tasks. It will help you to renew your focus and determination. Handle the numerous pending projects lying untouched in your to-do list, and feel the difference in your output. It could also attract a reward, which might be recognised. On the other hand, it is time you reconsidered your financial targets. It would be wise to create a budget or an investment plan for a better tomorrow.

Libra: The tide is finally turning in your favour. Watch out for career progress and financial gain this coming week. Your speed bump is clearing up, making it possible for you to pick up steam again. It’s time you changed direction and did something that’s unconventional. Utilise this time to explore new areas for growth and profit. Keep an eye on your destination, and do not hesitate to take the required actions to ensure your financial stability.

Scorpio: If you wish to grow as a skilful expert, do not rely solely upon good words and appreciation. Your drive should fuel self-improvement as a life-long process; it should make you strive for perfection in every situation. Do not ask for appreciation; make sure you get some useful criticism, and you can improve your abilities in this way. Focus on money management and discipline, and be economical about your budget.

Sagittarius: The planetary positions this week are encouraging. The stars point to you getting rewarded for your innovations and hustle. Take the new way forward for better financial performance. Taking risks is good as long as one is strategic enough. For people in salary positions, this is the best time to demonstrate your prowess and have a dialogue for a pay rise. Watch for investment or saving avenues that can ensure you are financially stable in the future.

Capricorn: This week, your plans must be in place, and your goals must be achieved. Make your career goals and economic security a top priority. All your effort will not be wasted in vain because it will propel your professional growth. Always keep your eyes open. Be wise in controlling your spending and consider investing for the long term. By working hard and doing your intelligent best, your way to more riches begins this week.

Aquarius: You need to review your current position at work or in business and make reasonable adjustments to improve your chances of getting a job. If you have doubts, you may think of a job change or even starting your own business. However, on the financial front, ensure you are prudent in your investments and stay level-headed. Listen to the advice your mentors and peers give as they know your situation.

Pisces: Your career and finances will be stable this week. Approach new ventures with great enthusiasm while exuding confidence and high spirits. You should also be on your guard for lucrative windfalls, which may come randomly. A major turning point can also be experienced in your career, and it will transform it dramatically but positively. Be open to change and new challenges, as they may present opportunities for success and renown.


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