Numerology: Destiny Number 2 – What Does It Tell About Your Fortune? Check Here

You don’t know what’s written in your destiny. But do you know that Destiny Numbers can tell you what fate you have? In Numerology, numbers provide valuable insights to your personality, strengths, weaknesses, career and relationship. However, Destiny number tells you how your life’s going to be.

Here you’ll explore Destiny Number 2. Professional Numerologist, Shalini Vig Kapoor of All India Institute of Occult Science, founded by Gurudev Shrie Kashyap gives valuable insights to Destiny Number 2.

Difference between Destiny Number and Personality Number

Suppose a person is born on the 29th of any month, then their personality number is 2+9=11, further, 1+1=2. This shows that the person reflects the behavior or character traits linked with number 2.

On the other hand, the Destiny number shows how your career, finances, and relationship will be in future. However, it comes into play at the later stage of life, between 25-28 years of age. Personality number is primarily only the birth date, but the destiny number is the sum-total of the complete DOB. That is, date+month+year, and bringing it to a single digit as shown below:

Example: DOB= 25 April 1974

Destiny Number= 2+5+4+1+9+7+4= 32 3+2=5

Characteristics of Destiny Number 2

In Numerology, every number from 1-9 has its own definition, and significance. One such number which represents Planet MOON, and the earth element is number 2. Number 2 represents care, nurture, and also a mother. Being the number of Moon, people with Number 2 are often seen as people who are high on emotions, mood swings and people who are family oriented and are great friends. Their emotions can take different forms- being happy, too joyous, angry, or too aggressive, as varying as the moon’s varying shapes, shares Numerologist, Shalini Vig. 

“Destiny Number 2 individuals are strong in their intuition, and are usually correct when making decisions using their heart. They have a strong connection with their subconscious mind, and with any Spiritual Guru they follow. They are also quick in changing paths; the moment they realize they are moving in the wrong direction. Though they do not lead, they are quite active in supporting others. As this number also is symbolic of the Queen, they can be called King Makers. They are high in participation in others’ happiness and expect others to be equally supportive,” explains Numerologist, Shalini Vig. 

Though they take time to make friends and share their feelings, once they do, their friendship is exemplary. They are young at heart. Their family is their priority. One of the friendliest, empathetic and harmonious people, they go out of the way to help others, she further added. 

Career for Destiny Number 2

“In terms of career, they should opt for work which one truly enjoys and brings them real happiness. Any work which is chaotic, stressful, or too demanding – they will not be able to survive. They do get emotionally connected with their work, and this enhances their performance and they seek perfection. Staying close to a water body can enhance their success,” says Shalini Vig.  

Being people’s person, the best line of work suggested for this number is counseling, healing, and the health sector. Work related to water/ liquid like dairy, Trading in marine and dairy products, perfume dealership, is good for them. Moon also represents creativity, thus, any work related to art like music, acting, painting is strongly recommended, even if taken as a hobby. This number is all about relationships, thus, making them team players. This is how this number takes such individuals from independent performers to collaborators. This will also bring them success in work, shares Shalini Vig. 

Relations of Destiny Number 2

Though Number 2 supports others, their emotional sensitivity does not let them lead. Their sensitivity also leads to them getting hurt when the others do not respond to their feelings. They also do not like to boast about their contribution in others’ lives and work, even if others get away taking the credit.

They must try creating boundaries when it comes to helping others. They also act slow when it comes to decision making and taking any concrete action at times. People with this destiny number also get too attached, become hyper and thus give in early in tough circumstances. They also tend to focus more on negative aspects of life and get too much into negativity, says Shalini Vig. 

Tips for Destiny Number 2 By Numerologist

People with Number 2 as destiny are prone to air borne or water borne diseases such as cold & cough, & should avoid eatable cold in nature. Light shades of whites, beige, blues, sea greens are the colors they must incorporate in their lives, and avoid Black color, says Shalini Vig.  

Worship Lord Shiva, by offering water or milk daily or every Monday. They should never waste any liquid, and always carry water with them. They also face stomach related issues like indigestion. Having water in a silver glass is good for them. As Moon represents Motherly nature, you must always respect & listen to their mothers’ advice. Meditation & Yoga is strongly advised for this number. Be social, be in good company and avoid being lonely, shares Shalini Vig. 

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