Unique Valentines Day Travel Plan: From Sunset In Jaisalmer To Romantic Getaway In Neil Island

Chocolates, flowers and gifts are okay but how about going for a unique experience this Valentine’s Day? According to the Travel Predictions 2024 of Booking (dot) com,  59% of Indian travellers are eager to dedicate time to a matchmaking holiday. And what better occasion than Valentine’s Day for them to plan an outing and deepen their connection? So whether you want to bond over some delicious food, take a hike in nature or enjoy a beautiful sunset with your special someone,  there are plenty of memorable experiences that you can share with your beloved.  

How To Make Your Valentine’s Day Special

Booking (dot) com has curated a list of unique date ideas to inspire and help you script your own unforgettable Valentine’s Day.

A Memorable Time In Kerala For Nature Enthusiasts

Kerala is called God’s own country for a reason! If you and your partner love spending time amid lush greenery, Kerala is a perfect choice for you. This tropical city destination caters to the diverse preferences of all its travellers. Indulge in the various delights while floating along peaceful waterways and enjoying local Kerala dishes. The beautiful shorelines offer a perfect setting for a special evening with fresh seafood and local treats. You can also wander through the valleys and trekking trails filled with the aroma of tea and explore the rich wildlife and bird species. Try a full-day trekking adventure in Kerala for an immersive experience.

Mumbai For The Foodie Couple

For the couple who loves food and the entire culinary experience, Mumbai has a lot to offer. The city comes to life with its bustling streets and has some amazing places to create long-lasting memories. Take a walk through the streets of Fort or near Colaba to explore the colonial-era architecture. Besides the natural heritage, unique markets and premier nightlife, the variety of culinary options that Mumbai provides, creates memorable moments for couples. You can book a Mumbai Food Tour in Fort to discover hidden culinary gems, learn about history, and art and savour the best street food.

Goa With A Twist: Old City For History Lovers

If you and your partner appreciate history and culture, Old Goa is a charming destination to explore. Goa brings together an immersive coastal scenery with the remnants of Portuguese architecture that tells tales of the city’s colonial past. Indulge in a classic candlelit dinner featuring Goan fish curry and Bebinca dessert which is the perfect choice for a traditional experience of Goa. You can also book a History and Culture Tour in Goa to explore the fascinating past, architectural wonders and cultural richness. With this immersive tour, you will explore the vibrant heritage of Goa, making your visit a perfect blend of history and romance.

Neil Island – A Romantic Getaway In A Tropical Paradise

For the couple who seek a peaceful beach retreat, Neil Island in the Andamans is perfect. The islands are a romantic escape with a mixture of pristine beaches and fun-filled activities. You can plan a beachside picnic with local fruits, snacks and fresh seafood. The island’s beach shacks also create a romantic atmosphere for a candlelight dinner by the sea as you enjoy each other’s company amidst the natural beauty of Neil Island. Try Boat Scuba Diving at Neil Island for a thrilling underwater experience and create unforgettable memories together.

Jaisalmer – To View Those Amazing Sunsets

If you and your partner are drawn to unique architecture, cultural experiences and captivating landscapes, Jaisalmer is a magical destination. Voted as one of the top 10 Most Welcoming Cities on Earth as part of the Traveller Review Award 2024, this is a city that will captivate you with its charm as you take a walk through the narrow streets and explore its rich history and art. The special flavours of Rajasthani cuisine and surroundings make Jaisalmer an ideal destination for a romantic getaway. Consider a Jaisalmer desert safari for an exciting exploration of the desert landscape. The dunes and the sunlight through the castles create a magical setting for a truly unforgettable experience. You can also watch the sun go down as you enjoy a cosy time together amid the mighty Thar desert. 

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