Valentine’s Day 2024: How Moon-Jupiter Conjunction may impact zodiacs

Zodiac season of Valentine’s Day 2024

Valentine’s Day is celebrated every year during the Aquarius season, on 14th February. This year, 2024, the day starts with a strong Aries moon, which might make people feel impulsive, self-focused, and prone to emotional outbursts. The clash between the cool Aquarius vibe and the fiery Aries moon could lead to arguments and fights, especially if one person in the relationship is more invested than the other.

Read your Valentin's Day 2024 predictions at Hindustan Times.(Pixabay)
Read your Valentin’s Day 2024 predictions at Hindustan Times.(Pixabay)

Planetary conjunction on Valentine’s Day 2024

Mars joins Pluto in Aquarius on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2024, just two days before Venus moves into Aquarius too. This combination brings strong emotions and power struggles that might lead to arguments and problems. When planets align with Pluto, there’s usually some trouble before things get better, and with Mars making things more intense, it’s important to be careful in relationships.

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Understanding the Influence of Mercury and Chiron on Valentine’s Day 2024

On Valentine’s Day, Mercury and Chiron connect in a way that might make it tough to share your feelings, especially if you’re still upset about something. You might find yourself bringing up old arguments instead of dealing with the current problem. It’s important not to avoid the emotions that come up during disagreements. The North Node also aligns with Chiron, suggesting that being open and honest can lead to positive changes. Hence, you are advised to speak up and express yourself bravely.

How the Moon-Jupiter Conjunction will impact Valentine’s Day 2024?

On February 14, the moon aligns with Jupiter, offering a chance to mend conflicts. Transitioning from impulsive Aries to stable Taurus later in the day, emotions will calm. This beneficial conjunction suggests positive outcomes, urging letting go of ego and trivial arguments. Focus on relationship strengths and enjoy contentment. Opt for a late, romantic evening out, whether solo, with friends, or with a partner.

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