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Kdrama stars from Korean management agency Namoo Actors spilled the beans on their favourite Lunar New Year menu options. From different type of soups to meats, and other fried or sweet delicacies, the widely admired stars knew just what they’d like to welcome the Spring Festival with. Big celebrations are never complete without huge buffets of lip-smacking food items. If you’re trying your way around Korean food, these picks from your preferred actors may help you make decisions too.

Song Kang, Park Eun Bin and other actors from Korean entertainment agency Namoo Actors share their favourite Lunar New Year menu items.(Instagram )
Song Kang, Park Eun Bin and other actors from Korean entertainment agency Namoo Actors share their favourite Lunar New Year menu items.(Instagram )

Kdrama actors’ Lunar New Year menu

Kang Ki Young

The beloved actor from Extraordinary Attorney Woo, who later posed as a menacing villain in The Uncanny Counter 2, recently took on his first leading role in Queen of Divorce. His favourite Lunar New Year dish is Korean beef.

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Kim Hyo Jin

The Castaway Diva actor picked Tteokguk (Korean rice cake soup) as her most desired dish for the celebrations.

Kim Jae Kyung

The former Rainbow member picked Maesaengi Rice Cake Soup as the delicious delicacy she looks forward to devouring during the festivities.

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Kim Hwan Hee

The young actress made her mark with the 2016 horror movie The Wailing. Her choice of Chinese New Year dish was Galbi-jjim (Braised beef short ribs).

Roh Jeong Eui

You may remember her from slice of life Korean dramas 18 Again and Our Beloved Summer. Much like Hyo Jin, she, too, picked Tteokguk as her go-to menu.

Do Ji Won

The veteran actress from Smile Again drama series listed crab soup as her favourite dish for this time of the year.

Park Sun Ho

Making his acting debut in 2014 with the drama series Golden Rainbow, Sun Ho is yet another Tteokguk admirer.

Park Eun Bin

The Castaway Diva and Attorney Woo herself! The beloved star is all about having food one loves. Instead of picking a particular dish, she listed ‘food you want’ as her Lunar New Year menu choice.

Park Joong Hoon

The legendary Two Cops actor’s favourite menu item is Kimjang Kimchi.

Seo Ye Hwa

A Time Called You star loves the deep-fried layered cookie, i.e. the traditional Korean sweet called Yakgwa or Gwajul.

Seohyun / Seo Ju Hyun

Song of the Bandits heroine’s heart warms up with a share of the constant actor-favourite item – Tteokguk.

Song Kang

The much-loved My Demon actor is gearing up for the next season of blood-ridden Sweet Home. However, Tteokguk with beef broth is one such food that warmly comforts the action hero.

Yoo Jun Sang

The Uncanny Counter packed in heavy punches in the action series and now we know his favourite source of protein – sanjeok, which is a type of meat dish on skewers.

Lee Na Eun

The A-Teen actress ends the year and welcomes the new one with sweet offerings of a cake.

Lee Yoon Ji

Recently seen in My Demon, Yoon Ji is yet another Tteokguk enthusiast among the huge group of Namoo Actors.

Lee Yul Eum

Soon to appear in The 8 Show on Netflix, the young actress is yet another Tteokguk lover.

Lee Jung Ha

The Moving breakout star finds relief with a bowl of dumpling soup.

Lee Joon Gi

Flower of Evil’s leading man is also a fan of rice cake soup.

Jo Woo Ri

The Gangnam Beauty actress recommends Galbi-jjim as well.

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