Holi 2024: Astrologers Guide To A Prosperous And Positive Holi

While many believe negative energies are at play during Holi, Suri highlights the festival’s potential for positivity and growth.

Here are Suri’s recommendations for a prosperous Holi:

Buy a Silver Coin: Purchase a silver coin on Holi and keep it in your locker wrapped in red cloth. This is believed to ward off financial troubles and bring prosperity.

Bring a Bamboo Plant: Introduce a bamboo plant into your home before Holi for prosperity and good health for your family.

Light a Two-Faced Lamp: Illuminate your home’s entrance with a two-faced lamp on Holi to attract increased income.

Worship Goddess Lakshmi: Before worshipping Lord Vishnu, pay homage to Goddess Lakshmi for enhanced blessings of wealth and prosperity.

Tie a Sacred Thread: Tie a sacred thread, made of mango or Ashoka leaves, at your home’s entrance on Holi morning to please Goddess Lakshmi and invite prosperity.

Visit the Temple: Visit a temple on Holi to see the idols of Lord Krishna and Radha, fostering love and harmony in relationships.

Participate in Holika’s Burning: Join the Holika bonfire ceremony on the evening before Holi and walk around it three times to dispel negative energies.

Apply Holi Ashes: Mix water with the ashes of Holi and apply it to your home’s corners and doors to keep negative energies at bay.

Apply Ashes on Forehead: Apply the ashes of Holika on your forehead in three lines from left to right. This is believed to protect you from harm and ensure good health.

By following these practices, you can invite positivity, prosperity, and well-being into your life during the festive occasion of Holi.


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