Facia Hair Problems: 5 Ways To Stop Facial Hair Growth Permanently

Hirsutism which means excessive hair growth around the chin and mouth has become a matter of concern among females nowadays. The most common cause of Hirsutism is Hormonal Imbalance mainly an increase in the level of male Hormones (Androgen and Primarily Testosterone). Excessive intake of contraceptive pills due to lack of awareness sometimes leads to facial hair growth among teenagers.

Dr. Upasana Vohra, an Ayurvedic Doctor says that in Ayurveda, many things that are easily available in our home help in reducing facial hair growth.

Mulethi (Licorice Powder)

Licorice Powder known as Mulethi helps to reduce the growth of unwanted hair. Take one spoonful of Mulethi Powder, Add water to it, and make a thick paste. Apply on affected areas for 20 minutes after that gently scrub in the opposite direction of hair growth. Continue these steps for at least 21 days for a positive visible result

Rice Powder

Take 1 spoonful of rice powder. Add a pinch of turmeric powder and 1 spoonful of lemon juice. Lastly, Add tap water to make a thick paste. Apply on affected areas and wait until it completely dries up. After 30 minutes, peel off the mask in the opposite direction of hair growth and wash your face with normal water.

Pumice Stone

Take any face wash or soap, Gently rub on the affected area for 1 minute. Take a foot scrubber made up of brick known as Pumice Stone and gently rub ( Baby Rub ) around the affected areas for 1-2 minutes every day. With time, this will reduce the growth of facial hair. After using it for a few months, you can completely remove facial hair with this magical remedy.


Honey is also effective in removing facial hair to a certain extent but doesn’t permanently damage hair follicles. Take a few drops of organic Honey and gently massage for 10-15 minutes on affected areas every day. Regular use of this remedy will reduce hair growth superficially.


An ancient technique used by our ancestors to reduce facial hair growth. Take 2-3 spoonfuls of chickpea powder ( known as Besan ), and add a pinch of turmeric powder and 1 spoonful of Mustard Oil. Lastly, add Water and 1 spoon of White Sandalwood Powder and mix them properly. Use this mixture as a scrub and apply to the affected area. Gently scrub this paste for around 10-15 minutes in the opposite direction of hair growth. Repeat this procedure twice a day to get the best output.

In conclusion, addressing the issue of unwanted facial hair growth requires a holistic approach that combines traditional remedies with an understanding of the underlying causes. Hirsutism, often stemming from hormonal imbalances, can be effectively managed through natural methods that have been passed down through generations.

Ultimately, by embracing the wisdom of Ayurveda and integrating these time-tested methods into their skincare routines, individuals can achieve smoother, hair-free skin and regain confidence in their appearance. Please note – Don’t use any soap and facewash after performing these remedies.


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