My Liberation Notes To Fight My Way, 5 Kim Ji Won K-Dramas To Watch

New Delhi: The Queen Of Tears soars high on the popularity charts following the trails and tribulations of Hong Hae In (Kim Ji Won) and Baek Hyun Woo (Kim Soo Hyun). The two play a married couple, who have grown apart but as they rekindle their romance, it seems several people close to Hae In, won’t let them have their happy ending.

Apart from the searing chemistry between the two leads, you cannot help but applaud Kim Ji Won who has been brave and experimental with her choice of characters. Here are 5 Kim Ji Won’s dramas that are so worth your while. 

My Liberation Notes

The Yeon Siblings (Lee El, Lee Min Ki, and Kim Ji Won, are caught in the monotony of their dull lives. While one is desperate to fall in love, the middle one is aimless with no goal, and the youngest Yeom Mi-jeong( Kim Ki Win ) wants out from the mundane of her everyday existence. The arrival of a mysterious stranger, Mr. Gu (Son Suk Ku) m jolts the siblings out of their inertia. The Screen Scorcher is a slow-burn romance and chemistry between Kim Ji Won and Son Suk Ku.

Where To Watch: Netflix

Fight  My Way

Dong Man (Park Seo Joo ) is a taekwondo and martial arts expert. But after losing a competitive fight, Dong Man has lost his self-confidence and puts his dreams on the back burner. His best friend Choi Ae Ra (Kim Ji Win), an aspiring news anchor, is not too keen on him being back in the fighting arena. But Dong Man needs to win that one bout, despite health issues. On the other hand, Ae Ra gets that one chance she had, all along been waiting for. Kim Ji Won’s Ae Ran is a multi-dimensional character, who stands out in this show.

Where To Watch: Viki

Lovestruck in the City

A scorching summer romance turns cold and leaves Jae Won (Ji Chang Wook) an architect, very lovesick. He has been pining for the free-spirited Eun Oh (Kim Ji Won) who not only broke his heart but had been lying to him all along under a fake identity.

The show which looks at singles and dating in modern-day Korea, had Ji Won playing a woman who does not want to conform to societal mandates.

Where To Watch: Netflix

Descendants of the Sun

In this popular K Drama, Kim Ji-won played First Lieutenant Yoon Myung-ju, an army doctor, who hails from a decorated military family. She falls in love with a soldier, Seo Dae Young( Jin Goo,). But his low rank and social status prove to be a hindrance. Though Kim Ji Won and Jin Goo were the second lead, their love story, and chemistry was scene stealer.

Where To Watch: Viki

Arthdal Chronicles

Often called the Korean version of the “Game of Thrones” the drama stars Song Joong Ki in a double role as Eun Seom and Saya, long-lost identical twin brothers – one is a commoner, and the other a royal. Kim Ji Won is Tan Ya, who is Eum Seom’s love interest. Unbeknownst  Tan Ya becomes the object of desire of both the brothers.

Where To Watch: Netflix 


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