Three Reasons To Watch Kim Ji Won And Kim Soo Hyun’s K-Drama Queen Of Tears

New Delhi: Marriages may be made in heaven but for lawyer Baek Hyun Woo ( Kim Soo Hyun) and heiress Hong Hae In( Kim Ji Won), it’s been a ride to hell and back.

The unhappily married couple have been together for three years and their animosity towards each other is well apparent. But, what went wrong, after all, they were in love, or weren’t they?

Hyun Woo who is called “Cinderella Man” instead of his marriage to the wealthiest woman in the country, is regarded as a social climber by some. But, to give the man his due he had no idea about Hong Hae In’s background and had fallen in love with her. On the other Hae In had never met anyone so purely invested in her well-being, and could not help but find herself attracted to him.

But, once married, their divergent personalities and her medaling family have driven a wedge, and Hyun Woo wants out. But, Hae In is diagnosed with a terminal disease.

Here are three reasons why Queen of Tears should be on your watch list.

The Charisma of Kim Soo Hyun

Kim Soo Hyun is undeniably one of the most sought-after S Korean stars. Queen of Tears is his much-anticipated comeback after three years. He ticks all the boxes as Baek Hyun Woo a smart lawyer, who falls hopelessly in love and now feels trapped in his loveless marriage. His desperation and frustration in wanting out, his helplessness at his situation is comical, even though your heart goes out to him.

A perceptive man, who is also the legal advisor to the Hong family, he feels suffocated around his wife. But when he realises her situation, his caring and nurturing nature comes to the surface. As he tries to restrain his feelings and the affection he feels towards Hae In, you cannot help root for them.

When he buys her shoes to look out for her when she goes missing, he is a man whose actions speak louder than words. Kim Soo Hyun’s striking screen presence apart, it’s the ease with which he can perform, from comedy to highly emotional scenes is remarkable.

The Charm Of Kim Ji Won

Hong Hae In is uber-stylish, arrogantly ambitious and poker-faced in all situations. She is not a woman who needs saving, she speaks her mind and is a badass in the boardroom as well as at home. Even though people presume she feels nothing for her husband, she is the one who looks out for him in her way. When she chides her brother and mother for accusing or looking down to him, and even going the extra mile for his family.

Though her illness makes her want to live her life free, there is a strong determination in her to win over illness. But, as she and her husband find their way back towards each other, it is obvious Hae In is battling inner trauma. Her relationship with her family with her family is fractured, and it is Hyun Woo who is her emotional anchor. 

Kim Ji Won has the knack of playing multi-dimensional characters, who stand out in the narrative. The actor has represented strong female characters who don’t necessarily conform to societal norms and mandates that shackle their individuality. Her characters have agency and the actor articulates them with finesse. As Hong Hae In too, she is her person and plays her with èlan.

The Scorching Chemistry

There is no denying the scorching chemistry between the two actors. The two actors complement each other and are in perfect sync as a couple who love to hate and hate to love the other. 

The tension and the tender moments between the characters are so natural, keeping you invested as to how will their relationship unfold.


As the external factors, and conniving and meddlesome family and so-called friends try to keep them apart, will love to help save the day for this couple?

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