First Mercury Retrograde 2024: 2 zodiac signs that will heal till April 7 | Astrology

Two zodiac signs feel the impact of the first Mercury retrograde from April 1-7, 2024, along with intense Mars/Aries energy and challenging Pluto and Saturn transits. Despite the challenges, this week offers significant opportunities for healing. While the journey may be tough, rest assured that things will improve.

Mercury Retrograde Horoscope on April 1, 2024.(Pexles)
Mercury Retrograde Horoscope on April 1, 2024.(Pexles)

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Leo (July 23 – August 22)

This week, Leo, your zodiac sign’s tendency towards pride might cause some challenges for you. You might feel hesitant to show any vulnerability or behave in ways that make you seem less in control. You want others to see you as a leader, someone who knows what they’re doing. But with all the confusing retrograde energy swirling around, you might feel misunderstood.

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When you feel misunderstood, you might react strongly and end up lecturing people until they understand your point of view. This tendency stems from your pride, but deep down, you might realize that you’re overdoing it. There’s a lot of Mars energy influencing you right now, which might make you feel a bit hostile towards others, especially if you feel like they don’t understand you. However, if you take a step back and assess the situation calmly, you might realize that the misunderstanding isn’t as big a deal as it seems.

Instead of letting your pride take over, try to approach the situation with a more relaxed mindset. Ask yourself if it’s worth getting upset over someone not understanding you completely. Taking a more laid-back approach can avoid unnecessary conflict and maintain better relationships with those around you.

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

You’re used to achieving success effortlessly, and you expect certain aspects of your life to be crystal clear by now. However, this week brings a realization that you’re still waiting and struggling to grasp what’s happening.

This uncertainty likely revolves around love or finances, and you’re deeply invested in a particular outcome. When confronted with the energy of Aries, which will be prevalent this week, you may feel out of your element. Unlike Aries’s spontaneous and impulsive nature, you prefer a more deliberate approach. With Mercury retrograde starting the week off, you might feel pressured to push yourself too hard or act in ways that don’t feel natural. This can leave you feeling even more confused and conflicted.

However, it’s essential to trust the universe and remember that it has always guided you. There’s no evidence to suggest that sudden danger or upheaval is imminent just because you’re feeling confused this week. Tap into your Aquarius energy and tune out external opinions to regain clarity. Trust your instincts and resist the urge to be someone you’re not. Remember, you’re already fantastic, just as you are. Don’t dismiss that notion in the face of uncertainty.


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