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Indian aircraft industry News: Today’s time is of youth, technology and to remain the biggest market. India has all these three things. This is the reason why companies from all over the world want to do their business by investing in India, they are also doing it. Today our country is progressing in every sector. All-round development is also being seen in the aviation sector. Last year, Vistara entered the Indian aviation industry. Tata had bought Air India. All these companies understand very well that India has a huge population. The people of this place are progressing fast, so they will slowly turn towards planes to travel. To take advantage of this opportunity, all the big companies are gearing up and ordering new planes. According to a report, Indian airlines may place an order of 1,500 to 1,700 aircraft in the next one-two years, while Air India is likely to order 500 aircraft.

What does the report say?

Aviation advisory firm CAPA expressed this possibility on Wednesday. CAPA said that Indian airlines have a total fleet of about 700 commercial aircraft, which is less than some of the world’s largest airlines. There is scope for inducting more aircraft considering the huge potential of the Indian aviation market. CAPA said in a report that after the Corona period, the Indian market is attracting the whole world as the most attractive aviation market. In the next two years, almost all companies in India are expected to place orders for the purchase of more aircraft. These could be due to replacement of the entire fleet as well as expansion.

India can get first place

According to the report, based on CAPA India’s forecasts for the next decade and beyond, we expect Indian airlines to order 1,500-1,700 aircraft over the next 12-24 months. Air India can take the first step in this direction, under which it is going to place an order for the purchase of about 500 aircraft. He said that India has struggled to live up to its aviation potential. However, India can find its place as the global aviation market of the 21st century.

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