Turkey Syria Earthquake Live Updates more than 15 thousand people died know the all things here. Earthquake wreaks havoc in Turkey and Syria, more than 15 thousand people died


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Death toll rising continuously in Turkey and Syria

Ankara: The earthquake on Monday in Turkey and Syria has caused severe devastation. The cases of death are increasing continuously. According to the AFP news agency, so far more than 15 thousand people have died due to this natural disaster. Thousands of people are still buried under the rubble and hospitals are full of injured. People are also finding it difficult to get a place in the hospitals. The rescue operation is going on continuously and due to the weather, it is also getting disturbed. Significantly, on Monday, a powerful earthquake of magnitude 7.8 occurred in Turkey and Syria, in which thousands of buildings were destroyed and thousands of people lost their lives.

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    Posted by Rituraj Tripathi

    Syrian official calls on EU and US to lift sanctions

    A special adviser to the Syrian president has accused the West of playing politics when it comes to providing humanitarian aid to Syria after Monday’s earthquake. Speaking on the BBC, Dr Bouthaina Shaaban called on the EU and US to lift the sanctions. Shaaban accused the West of only sending aid to the White Helmets organization. Earlier, US President Joe Biden said that aid is being delivered to all regions regardless of who controls the region. EU officials have also insisted that the bloc’s sanctions against Syrian officials are not affecting its ability to help.