Janhvi Kapoor Feels Heartbroken when Anonymous People tell her ‘Acting Nahi Aati… Nepotism Ki Bachchi’


New Delhi: Actress Janhvi Kapoor, daughter of popular film producer Boney Kapoor and late veteran actress Sridevi, has always been a target of the trolls no matter what. Finally, she has opened up and spoken at length about how she deals with criticism.

Talking to Harper’s Bazaar, the actress revealed that it’s ‘really hurtful when anonymous people on the Internet call me nepotism ki bacchi.’


‘No matter what you do, somebody will find faults or have something to say, because that makes them feel important. Next thing you know, you’ve made the headlines… and unfortunately, people feed off of that,’ Janhvi added.


She opened up and talked about how she handles criticism. She said, ‘I’m extremely thankful that I’ve gotten to a point where I can laugh it off. I know my strengths and weaknesses… I’m objective enough to know when I’ve done a good job, and when I haven’t. At the risk of sounding arrogant, I also know when I have made some headway, and have given something my all. And through my last two films, I think, I’ve at least established that I have something to offer as an actor.’

‘You know, it really hurts when you’re putting in the hard work, the sweat and blood, or undergoing the mental turmoil, and some random, anonymous person on the Internet goes like, ‘Acting nahi aati toh kyun karti ho, nepotism ki bachchi?’ (If you can’t act, why do you try, nepo-baby?) It takes all of a second to reduce you to something insignificant,’ she concluded.

The actress made an impressive acting debut with ‘Dhadak’ co-starring Ishaan Khatter. She was last seen in ‘Mili’ and fans cannot wait for her amazing performance in ‘Mr and Mrs Mahi.’ She also has ‘Bawaal’ with Varun Dhawan in her pipeline.


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