Rakhi Sawant Makes Shocking Claim, Says ‘Husband Adil Khan Was Previously Married’, Check Latest Video


NEW DELHI: Controversy queen and Bigg Boss star Rakhi Sawant’s husband Adil Khan Durrani was arrested by the Mumbai Police for alleged domestic violence, extramarital affairs and cheating. Rakhi accused her husband of taking away all her money and jewellery and physically abusing him. In the latest, the actress made a shocking claim and revealed that Adil was previously married. Speaking to ETimes, Rakhi stated that Adil was previously married and she received a divorce letter from his ex-wife.

The actress told ETimes, “All my cases are filed in court. I had given a hundred chances for Adil to settle down. But now I’ve got breaking news that Adil is already married. I have received his marriage and divorce letter. Only God will tell me why these things happen to me. People come to know because I come out in public and speak. It happens to a lot of women but they don’t come forward. I am brave.”

“My life has been destroyed. Main ab zinda laash ho gayi hoon. My mother passed away. My marriage is over. I’m living dead. I will continue to do work. The biggest shock that I’ve got is that Adil’s wife called me and told me, ‘I was a Hindu girl. But he forced me to convert to Islam to marry me’,” Rakhi added. She stated, “I still love him and will always love him. But he has betrayed me, deceived me. He used to beat me saying, “Mujhe hero banao”. On top of that he said, “Mere against gayi toh 50,000 dekar truck se kuchalwa dunga.” (If you go against me then I’ll pay someone 50000 and get you run over by a truck).”


On Thursday, a video of Adil Khan surfaced on social media where he is seen accepting that he took Rs 1.5 crore from Rakhi, which he will return in four months. It appears that the video was shot by Rakhi as we can hear her asking about her money to Adil. 


Rakhi Sawant surprised everyone when she announced her wedding to Adil Khan through an Instagram post early this year. The actress shared several photos and videos from their ‘nikah’ ceremony and mentioned that the duo got married in a private ceremony in June 2022. The actor revealed that she kept her marriage with Adil a secret at his request. 




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