One More repo rate hike expected in April know how much your Home Loan EMI Increase | EMI of home loan will increase till April, Stubborn inflation becomes headache of Reserve Bank


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The Reserve Bank of India had increased the interest rates by 0.25 percent on Wednesday after the monetary review meeting held every two months. At the behest of the Finance Minister, in the initial phase, it was felt that it is possible that this may be the last increase for the coming time, but looking at the figures that came out from the meeting of the Reserve Bank, it seems that the stubborn inflation is currently forcing the Reserve Bank to increase the interest rates even further. can force. Analysts believe that the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), which is on the path of increasing the policy interest rate, may also increase the repo rate in the next monetary review proposed in April.

Know how much interest rates can increase

HDFC Bank Chief Economist Abheek Barua said a 0.25 per cent hike in the repo rate is expected during the April policy review as the RBI looks to maintain its stance of containing core inflation. “While overall inflation may remain moderate for the next few months, core inflation may persist and RBI may increase the policy rate repo by 0.25 per cent to control this,” Baruah said.

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Repo rate increased by 2.5 percent in 10 months

The year 2022 was very busy for the Reserve, while for the borrowers it rained every other month. But on the other hand, this year was very good for those who got FD. On Wednesday, the RBI increased the repo rate by another 0.25 percent to 6.50 percent.

No pause in repo rate hike yet

Suman Chaudhary, Chief Analysis Officer, Acute Ratings, also believes that there are no signs of stopping the increase in the policy rate repo. Although Sunil Sinha, chief economist of India Ratings, said that RBI will not increase the policy rate repo now but will not think of reducing it at all. This means that it is likely to remain at least at the current level in the near future.

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All eyes on the Federal Reserve

SBI Group Chief Economist Soumya Kanti Ghosh said it is necessary for the RBI to come out of the influence of the Federal Reserve and this will be clear from the April policy review. He said that the monetary policy of any country should be determined by its needs.

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