Snowfall in Turkey increased trouble Syria condition worsened 13000 deaths so far after earthquake


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Earthquake: The death toll from the devastating earthquake in Turkey and Syria has crossed 12,000. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan visited the earthquake-affected area on Wednesday. He visited Pajarsik city and Hatay province, the epicenter of the earthquake, and took stock of the damage and rescue operations. He said that the situation is improving and relief and rescue operations have also picked up pace.

Rescue teams worked through the night in Turkey and Syria, pulling more bodies from the rubble of thousands of buildings that collapsed in the devastating earthquake. Turkey’s Disaster Management Agency said that the death toll in the country has risen to 8,500. On the other hand, the Syrian Ministry of Health has confirmed the death of 1,250 people so far in the Syrian-occupied government territory and told that more than 2,054 people are injured. At least 1,280 people have been killed and more than 2,600 wounded in the rebel-held northwest, according to the group of volunteers known as the White Helmets.

More than 60 thousand rescuers on duty
More than 60,000 rescue workers from India and abroad are working day and night in the earthquake-affected areas of Turkey. But the disaster is so widespread that it is difficult to reach people waiting for help.

Snowfall became a problem for the people trapped in the debris.
While a sudden onset of heavy snowfall in Turkey is slowing rescue operations, people trapped in the rubble are suffering the most. Hundreds of people are still trapped in the debris who are alive, but help has not reached them. Rapidly accumulating snow on the debris is causing problems like cold and lack of oxygen to these people. Rescue workers in Kahramanmaras, Turkey, pulled out three-year-old Arif, who was buried in an apartment building. Rescue workers covered his body with blankets to protect him from the freezing temperatures and carefully removed debris.

happy moments in the midst of sadness
In Adiyaman city, when the ten-year-old Betul Edis was rescued safely after nearly 40 hours of hard work, the people present on the spot cheered the rescuers by clapping. Betul’s grandfather kissed his forehead and he was immediately sent to the hospital.

situation worsens in syria
Thousands of buildings have collapsed due to the strong tremors of the earthquake in Syria. This country has been isolated due to civil war and conflict going on for 12 years. There has been heavy destruction in many cities and towns here. The sounds of screaming for help from the pile of debris are now beginning to subside. People waiting for help have been disappointed. Syria is divided into two regions, one region controlled by the government and the other by rebels. Here the death toll can increase rapidly.


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