US committee questioned former Twitter executives | US committee questions former Twitter executives, alleges of suppressing news related to Hunter Biden


Joe Biden and Hunter Biden - India TV Hindi

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Joe Biden and Hunter Biden

Former Twitter executives have admitted that they failed to handle many cases. The former officials have accepted their mistake. The most shocking incident in this is related to the son of the President of America. Let us tell you that in October 2020, data was leaked from the laptop of Hunter Biden, son of Joe Biden. At the same time, many other things are included, including censoring the opinion of medical professionals on Kovid. Regarding Hunter Biden, former Twitter executives have denied that they were under any government pressure to make news decisions.

Government involvement in the handling of the Hunter Biden story?

In this regard, Twitter’s former deputy counsel James Baker, former head of trust and safety Joel Roth and former chief legal officer Vijaya Gadde were questioned. All the questions were asked during the hearing before the House Oversight Committee for the new Republican majority. James Comer, a Kentucky Republican, heads the committee. Comer is leading the investigation into the Biden family’s business dealings. In a wider investigation, other allegations against the social media giant are also being probed following the release of the Twitter files.

Marjorie Taylor Green also raised many questions

In The Twitter Files, internal communications of Twitter employees from before Elon Musk took over were released in parts. The documents revealed how company employees made the decision to block users’ access, block Reach, and ban accounts. In addition, allegations of government involvement in the handling of the Hunter Biden story were also discussed. Republicans criticized Twitter’s policies. After this, Marjorie Taylor Greene also raised several questions regarding the publication of misinformation related to Twitter’s Kovid-19.

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