Uproar before PM’s speech in Rajya Sabha, opposition raised slogans of ‘Modi-Adani Bhai-Bhai’


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New Delhi: Before the speech of PM Modi in Rajya Sabha today, the opposition has created a lot of ruckus and slogans. In fact, as soon as PM Modi started his speech to answer the discussion on the President’s address in the Rajya Sabha, the opposition leaders came to the bell and started shouting slogans and making noise. Although PM Modi continued to read his speech, he continued to speak despite the ruckus. Meanwhile, the opposition MPs raised slogans of ‘Modi-Adani Bhai-Bhai’.

For 60 years, the Congress family has only made pits pits: PM

PM Modi fiercely targeted the Congress during his speech. He said, ‘The Congress family had made pits for 60 years. They may not have intended to, but they did. While he was digging the pit, he had wasted 6 decades. At that time even the smallest countries of the world were touching the heights of success.

The PM said, ‘The culture of the Congress was to avoid problems. The working style of the Congress cannot lead to a permanent solution to any problem. Our government’s emphasis is on a permanent solution. Congress ruined 6 decades of the country. The people of the country were facing problems during the Congress rule.

PM Modi also attacked Kharge

PM Modi also took a dig at Congress leader Mallikarjun Kharge. He said, ‘Yesterday Kharge ji was complaining that Modi ji repeatedly comes to my constituency. I want to tell them, I am coming, you have seen that, but you should also see that there are 1 crore 70 lakh Jan Dhan bank accounts opened there. More than 8 lakh Jan Dhan accounts have been opened in Kalaburagi alone.

The PM said, ‘I can understand his (Mallikarjun Kharge) pain after seeing this. You talk about Dalits, also see that Dalits got victory in the elections at the same place. Now the public is rejecting you, so you are crying for it here.

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