baby girl who was miraculously born after the death of her mother buried under the debris


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hospitalized newborn babysitter

New Delhi. So far more than 21 thousand people have died in the devastating earthquake of Turkey and Syria. During this tragedy in Syria, a pregnant mother lost her life by being buried under the debris. But at this time she gave birth to a baby girl. This newborn was also buried under the debris. The parents and siblings of this newborn have been killed in the earthquake. This child was now a complete orphan in this world. When the security personnel saw him, his umbilical cord was attached to the mother. Seeing the mother dead, her umbilical cord was separated and taken to the hospital. Now this newborn has been named “Aya”. It is an Arabic word meaning miracle. Aya has now also found a new abode in her uncle’s house.

Went to uncle’s house after being discharged from the hospital

Aya also had serious injuries due to being buried under the debris, but she was breathing. Seeing this, the relief and rescue teams took him to the hospital, from where he has been discharged after recovering. The girl’s parents and siblings were killed in the 7.8 magnitude earthquake. Now this newborn has a new home and a new name. After being discharged from the hospital, he will be taken to the home of his great-uncle, Salah al-Badran. According to The Associated Press (AP), al-Badran’s home in the Syrian town of Gendris was also destroyed during the earthquake. “There is no living space in their house or building after the earthquake. Only 10 per cent of the buildings here are safe to live in and the rest are uninhabitable.

Aya was found in a 5-storey apartment
Newborn Aya was discovered on Monday afternoon by rescue workers digging through the rubble of the five-storey apartment where her family lived. When they found her, the baby girl’s umbilical cord was still attached to her mother, Afrah Abu Hadiya. The girl was taken to a hospital in a nearby town. Hani Maroof, the pediatrician caring for her, told international media that “she came on Monday in a very bad condition. She had injuries, a lot of scars. She was cold and was breathing hard.” ” As soon as he was found alive, he was brought to the hospital. After this the video of baby girl Aya went viral on social media.

People around the world want to adopt the baby girl

Thousands of people around the world have offered to adopt this baby girl. Although Aya is no longer an orphan. The UN children’s agency UNICEF said it was monitoring children whose parents were missing or killed and providing them with food, clothing and medicine. Meanwhile, Turkey’s Ministry of Family and Social Services is urging potential foster families to submit applications. The officials of the ministry are working towards assessing the needs of the orphan children and placing them in registered foster homes.

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