Phone-OTP or missed call can also lead to fraud, be careful, learn new ways to make money disappear. Cyber ​​Fraud methods Phone-OTP or missed call can also lead to fraud learn new ways to do cyber fraud online


Cyber ​​Fraud methods Phone-OTP or missed call can also lead to fraud - India TV Hindi

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new ways of cyber fraud

The cases of cyber crime in the country are increasing day by day. In January 2023 itself, a 24-year-old girl has been made a victim of fraud. Actually the victim works in a software company in Pune. She started chatting with a guy on Instagram. After this the number was exchanged between the two and then the boy told the girl that he had sent diamond jewelery as a gift. Next, the boy told the girl that the jewelery was stuck in the custom. That’s why that girl should get rid of diamond jewelery by paying custom duty. The girl transferred money to the boy for this. After this, on the pretext of gift transaction, the boy cheated the girl of Rs 11 lakh.

In the case of cyber fraud through phone, there has been a boom in the last few years. A film named Jamtara has also been made on Netflix on this issue. It has been shown in this film how people are being looted in many ways through cyber fraud. Thieves have also become advanced in the era of technology. Now they are not stealing through the old methods i.e. OTP, Missed call, but now many new methods of theft have come in the market.

theft through parcel

Many cases have been seen where the delivery boy reaches outside your house with the goods. After this he asks to make payment and asks to pay through QR or ATM. After this, as soon as you scan the QR, money is deducted from your account. On the other hand, when you open the parcel after going home, it is full of junk.

Fraud through job message

If you ever get a job message on your mobile, then do not be in a hurry to get a job. Because it may be a message sent by the people of cyber fraud gang. In this type of fraud, people are first lured in the name of job and good salary. This is followed by a long negotiation and process. When your desire to get a job becomes strong, then by giving you an account number, you are told to confirm the job by sending some money in it. As soon as you send money to that account, you become a victim of online fraud at that very moment.

Theft on the pretext of electricity bill

In this method of theft, a message will be sent to your phone in the name of Power Corporation. This message can also be sent on WhatsApp. It will be told that the connection will be disconnected due to the arrears of your electricity bill. After this, if you call the number mentioned in the message, they will demand money from you to pay the electricity bill. After this, if you pay money online or by any means, then assume that you have become a victim of scam. Pay the electricity bill only after calling the authorization center or number of any department.

scam by threat

In many scams, people are called by criminals and told that a parcel has been caught in your name. Ganja, credit card, passport, Aadhaar card etc. have been found in this parcel. You can be jailed for 3 years for this crime. After this as soon as you fall under the trap of criminals they demand money from you and you are cheated.

Fraud through missed call

In this process, your phone will be called from an unknown number. After this, missed calls will be given several times from different numbers. After this you will suddenly come to know that money has been deducted from your account.

fraud on the pretext of calling

In this type of fraud, you will be asked for a phone on the pretext of emergency call. After this, when the phone is put by the person, then the other side tells the phone off. After this he will call again on the same number and give the phone back to you. Shortly after this you will come to know that money has been deducted from your account. Whereas OTP is not even required in this type of scam.

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