Bigg Boss 16: Sreejita De Reveals how she was Wrong About Shalin Bhanot and Wants him to be the Winner


New Delhi: Only 2 days till the winner of the most successful season of Bigg Boss is announced on live television. 

Fans have been supporting their favorites via various means across the country. There are flashmobs, Puja in temples, billboards and so much more. While others had already established fandom, Shalin’s popularity grew tenfold after his entry in Bigg Boss.

Shalin has been getting a lot of support from his industry peers and latest to join in is his co-contestant on the show Sreejita De. 

During his journey video, Bigg Boss claimed that in the history of Bigg Boss, Shalin is the most misunderstood contestant ever. 

Sreejita had something similar to share. In this raw video, Sreejita candidly shares that she didn’t quite like Shalin in the beginning & agreed to what others portrayed him as but as she spent more time with him after her re-entry. She also said that Shalin is in real what you see him on TV, he’s just like that as a person & is a real fun guy to hang around with. 

Over the last few weeks, Shalin’s supporters have been increasing & even after some comments by Industry who went on the show as a guest, people’s perception of Shalin has become clearer & thus all the love pouring in. 

For now we’ll have to just wait & watch on who will pick the trophy.


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