Chinese balloon was spying intelligence, China got angry on America’s claim, gave this answer


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Joe Biden and Xi Jinping

America Vs China: The US targeted and shot down a Chinese spy balloon in the sea. After this, America claimed that this Chinese balloon was spying on the American defense base. China is enraged over this. China has condemned the comments of US President Joe Biden.

The US President remarked about Chinese President Xi Jinping that Chinese President Xi Jinping has faced huge problems in the matter of spy balloons. On this, China expressed displeasure over Biden’s statement and said that the comment was “extremely irresponsible”.

The balloon was shot down in the Atlantic Ocean

The US had targeted and dropped a Chinese spy balloon in the Atlantic Ocean in the past. Now the US has claimed that this Chinese balloon was capable of spying and had the capability of signal intelligence collection. This has been revealed by CNN quoting a senior US government official. It has also been told that this spy balloon of China had flown over 5 continents and more than 40 countries.

Chinese balloon was monitoring us: America

US officials say the Chinese balloon was equipped with electronic surveillance technology and was monitoring US communications. American officials said that they knew that this Chinese balloon was monitoring us. It is being claimed that the balloon which was targeted was made by the Chinese army and was being used for surveillance. The balloon also had several antennae. Currently, an operation is underway to collect the debris of the balloon in the Atlantic Ocean.

Due to the spy balloon, there has been tension in the relations between China and America. US President Joe Biden criticized China for the Chinese spy balloon and appealed to all countries to unite against China. Earlier, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken had also canceled his visit to China.

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