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shivratri famous temple

Mahadev is counted as the most merciful God. Whatever devotees worship him with a true heart, Mahadev fulfills his every wish. It is a belief that by worshiping him on the occasion of Sawan and Mahashivaratri, you can get desired boon. This year, the great festival of Mahashivaratri will be celebrated with great enthusiasm and pomp across the country on 18 February 2023. In such a situation, on the occasion of Mahashivratri, his devotees travel for miles to visit him. If you also want to visit his famous pilgrimage place this Shivratri, then definitely read this article.

Vishwanath Temple – Varanasi

Baba Vishwanath temple in Kashi city, which rests on Lord Bhole’s trishul, has been renovated, due to which this temple has started looking divine than before. The crowd of devotees to visit Baba Bhole in Vishwanath temple is worth seeing. If you also want to see Shivaratri Mahadev in person, then you can come here for darshan.

Kalinath Mahakaleshwar Temple – Himachal

Kalinath Mahakaleshwar Mahadev Temple located in Devbhoomi Himachal is built on the holy banks of river Vyas. This temple is considered a big center of religious faith and pilgrimage. In this temple, the Pindi of Lord Shankar is established underground. There is a belief about such a temple that Maa Kali did penance at this place to get Lord Shankar as her husband. A huge crowd of devotees throngs this temple on the occasion of Shivratri.

Markandeshwar Mahadev Temple – Kurukshetra

The Markandeshwar Mahadev Temple of Kurukshetra is built on the holy banks of the river named Shahabad Markanda, about 25 kilometers away from Kurukshetra. It is believed that this place has been the abode of Maharishi Markandeya, that is why this place was named Shahabad Markanda. This Shivratri you can visit this temple of Mahadev and have darshan.

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Sheetalnath Temple – Srinagar

The Sheetal Nath temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is located in the Habba Kadar area of ​​Srinagar. Sheetalnath Temple has been opened on the occasion of last Basant Panchami after a long period of 31 years. During this, special worship was also performed here. This temple had to be closed 31 years ago due to the condition of the Ghat. But the efforts of the local people once again paid off and the temple was opened. It is said that the number of devotees is continuously increasing in the temple.

Baba Mahakal – Ujjain

In Ujjain, Baba Mahakal is first bathed with bhasma, after which special makeup is done after taking Panch Snan and then divine aarti is performed. Baba’s devotees come from far and wide to participate in this aarti.

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