Indian Army clashed with eunuchs in Turkey and Syria, Turkish woman kissed forehead


Turkish woman happily kisses the forehead of an Indian military doctor - India TV Hindi

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Turkish woman happily kisses the forehead of Indian female military doctor

New Delhi. India has gone ahead in helping Turkey and Syria in the devastating earthquake. That’s why Turkey and Syria have become admirers of this help of India. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan even said that although we used to have many friends, but those who “help in times of trouble are the real friends.” Erdogan said that “India is the first to help us in our trouble, so it is my real friend.” Erdogan has thanked Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Indian Army for this humanitarian help. Even after four days of the earthquake, the Indian Army is fighting with the Yamdoots to save lives.

Many people are still being pulled alive from the rubble in Turkey and Syria. To save the lives of the injured, the Indian Army has set up a 30-bed field hospital, where 24-hour operation and treatment facilities are being provided. Women doctors are also present in the medical team of the Indian Army. In Turkey, a Turkish woman happily kissed the forehead of one such Indian Army doctor. This picture of the lady military officer is now going viral all over the world and is garnering appreciation. India has now sent more than 4 military aircraft to help Turkey and Syria, carrying more than 500 aid teams, including more than 100 doctors. It also includes NDRF and Indian Army. More than 6 tonnes of medicines and other relief materials have also been sent from India to both the countries.

India won the heart of the world

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has always been in favor of humanity. That’s why he remains at the forefront of helping humanity. This is the reason why Indian Air Force planes first reached Turkey and Syria as soon as the earthquake struck. These include NDRF and army personnel along with doctors, who are working to extract people buried under the debris and provide them treatment and other relief. Major Dr. Bina Tiwari, a lady army officer is also in the team of doctors. Pleased with Bina Tiwari, who was engaged in providing medical treatment, a Turkish woman kissed her on the forehead. This picture of him is now becoming increasingly viral on social media. The whole world has become convinced of this help of India. People of Turkey and Syria are also saluting PM Modi and Indian Army.

Prime Minister Modi is keeping an eye on the situation every moment
Prime Minister Modi, who is running Operation Dost to help earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria, is monitoring the situation there every moment. PM Modi has also talked to Erdogan on the phone and along with assuring him of all possible help from India, the team was also sent immediately. PM Modi has also appreciated the help being provided by the Indian Army and NDRF team in Turkey and Syria. He has appreciated the work of the Indian Army by retweeting a tweet by Indian Ministry of External Affairs spokesperson Arindam Bagichi.

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