There was a ruckus between IPS officers in Bihar, Nitish said – it is not right to tweet. IPS Vikas Vaibhav AND shobha ahotkar controversy after tweet cm nitish kumar said tweet is wrong


IPS Vikas Vaibhav AND Shobha Ahotkar controversy- India TV Hindi

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IPS Vikas Vaibhav and Shobha Ahotkar

There has been a ruckus between two senior IPS officers in Bihar. A tweet was made by IG Vikas Vaibhav in the past. Shortly after this tweet was made, it was also deleted. Since then, a screenshot of Vikas Vaibhav’s tweet is being shared on social media. After this tweet, it has now become public in Bihar that a dispute is going on between two senior IPS officers. Now the politics of Bihar has also become hot regarding this. Home Guard Director General Shobha Ahotkar has got the indirect support of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on this matter. In a conversation with reporters on Friday, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has expressed his displeasure over his tweet terming Vikas Vaibhav as wrong.

Tweeting is not right.

Nitish Kumar had reached Purnia on Friday for his Samadhan Yatra. During this, regarding the dispute between the two senior IPS officers, he said that it is appropriate for us not to say anything right now. We advise everyone that if someone says something, get a complete inquiry done. Let’s see what is the matter. He said during this time that you should know one thing very well that whoever does a job, is an officer, it is not right to tweet about him.

Nitish said – did not want to make it public

He further said that all this is dirty. If they have any problem, then they should come and tell their department or senior place. Not only this, it should be told in private. They should not declare anything publicly. This is the law. Talking to reporters, Nitish Kumar said that you should know very well that you have any problem, then go to the right place and tell your problem. By the way, the officers have been asked to look into this matter as well.

abuse Vikas Vaibhav

It is noteworthy that two days back, Vikas Vaibhav, former Home Guard and posted as IG in Fire Department, had accused his DG Shobha Ahotkar that he abused him on the phone and also abused him for being a Bihari. The tweet made by Vikas Vaibhav in this regard was deleted shortly after. But by then the matter had caught fire. Unhappy with the behavior of his DG, Vikas Vaibhav had applied for 60 days leave, which was rejected by DG Shobha Ahotkar and demanded an explanation from him.


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