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Photo: CANVA How to apply for getting BH series number

BH Series Number: Defense personnel and government employees in India often face transfer from one city to another due to their jobs. Transferring the registration of a vehicle from one state to another can be a difficult task. To overcome this problem, in the year 2021, the Union Ministry of Road Transport and Highways started issuing number plates of BH series i.e. Bharat series for such vehicles. For example, as per the Motor Vehicles Act, suppose your car is registered in Karnataka with KA number plate. If you transfer, you can drive your vehicle with KA number plate in the new state only for a period of 12 months. After this you will have to get the vehicle registered in the new state. But this will not be necessary with BH series registration number. Along with this, BH series number plate facility is not available for every class.

Who will get BH number series-

At present, this registration plate is issued only to a select few. Here we will tell you for which vehicle this registration can be done and what is the way to apply for it. Currently, number plates are issued to state and central government as well as defense employees who hold jobs that are frequently transferred. Apart from them, all the private sector employees who have their offices in more than four states or union territories can also get this number for their personal vehicles.

Let’s know how to get BH series number

step 1: For this you have to apply online first and for this the vehicle dealer can fill the online form on the vehicle portal on behalf of the buyer.

Step 2: After this all the necessary documents have to be submitted. The dealer will fill all the required documents for you. After this you will have to pay the fees according to the motor vehicle.

Step 3: This fee has to be paid online.

Step 4: Approval from RTO is required to get BH number. After getting approval from there you can get BH series number.

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