Delhi-Mumbai Expressway built with 12 lakh ton of steel which is equal to 50 Howrah Bridges 10 points. Delhi-Mumbai Expressway will use 12 lakh tonnes of steel, which is equal to 50 Howrah Bridges, know the specialty

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The specialty of Delhi-Mumbai Expressway

Delhi-Mumbai Expressway: Prime Minister Narendra Modi will inaugurate the much-awaited Delhi-Mumbai Expressway on February 12. The 1,386-km expressway will connect Delhi and Mumbai and reduce travel time by about 12 hours. The cities en route to the Delhi-Mumbai Expressway will now come closer. PM Modi will visit Rajasthan on Sunday 12 February and Karnataka on 13 February. PM Modi will also inaugurate the Delhi-Dausa-Lalsot section of the Delhi-Mumbai Expressway after inaugurating the Sohna-Dausa Expressway on Sunday. After the opening of the expressway, the travel time between Delhi and Jaipur will be reduced to 2 hours. The Prime Minister will also lay the foundation stone for road projects worth over Rs 18,100 crore in Dausa, Rajasthan.

Do you know that 1.2 million tonnes of steel is to be used for the construction of the Delhi-Mumbai Expressway, which is equal to 50 Howrah Bridges.

Know 10 special things about the expressway

1. The Delhi-Mumbai Expressway will be an eight-lane access-controlled greenfield expressway, which can be expanded to 12 lanes in the future.

2. 15,000 hectares of land has been acquired in five states – Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan, Gujarat and Maharashtra.

3. The expressway will have 94 wayside amenities to enhance the passenger experience.

4. There will be 40+ major interchanges on the expressway which will prove to be special in connectivity to Kota, Indore, Jaipur, Bhopal, Vadodara and Surat.

5. The Sohna-Dausa section of the Delhi-Mumbai Expressway project is likely to be opened for traffic from Tuesday.

6. The initial budget of the project in 2018 was ₹98,000 crore. 1.2 million tonnes of steel is to be used for the construction of the Delhi-Mumbai Expressway, which is equivalent to 50 Howrah Bridges. This project will generate 10 crore jobs.

7. The Delhi-Mumbai Expressway will reduce the distance between Delhi and Mumbai by 180 km (from 1,424 km to 1,242 km)

8. Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari said that this is the first expressway which is connected with the highways.

9. The Delhi-Mumbai Expressway will have a state-of-the-art automated traffic management system.

10. It is the first expressway in India and Asia to accommodate animal overpasses, underpasses. It has been aligned to minimize the impact in the Ranthambore Wildlife Sanctuary.

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