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The list of fit actors of Bollywood can be said to be incomplete without actor Sunil Shetty. Seeing Sunil Shetty, it is impossible to ascertain his age. Sunil Shetty, 61, is very active in the cinematic world and is performing not only in Bollywood films and web series but also in South films. Now Sunil Shetty, ‘Kumite One Warrior Hunt’ ) will be seen hosting the show. Talking about the show, Suniel Shetty also revealed the secret of his action.

Sunil to host Kumite 1 Warrior Hunt
After Mx Player’s web series ‘Dharavi Bank’, this time Bollywood star Sunil Shetty is coming with MMA reality show ‘Kumite 1 Warrior Hunt’. Recently, a spectacular trailer of this show was released in which Sunil Shetty was seen playing the lead role ie hosting the show. Recently, Sunil Shetty told that his image has always been that of an action hero and he grew up learning martial arts. Sunil Shetty said that he grew up learning martial arts and this is the only thing that gave him the image and opportunity to be an action hero in Hindi cinema.

Sunil gives credit to martial arts
Suniel Shetty attributes this to martial arts and adds, ‘I keep saying wrestling, wrestling, wrestling, wrestling, because it’s about grappling, less about strength, more about grip and That’s why I focus on the don’t give up attitude. I felt I needed to start something I didn’t even work at this stage of my career in a few years. I wanted to give back, and I wanted to give back in a big way.’

India has so much…
Sunil further said, ‘This show is a way to showcase the talents of small towns, India has so much, but people don’t get a chance. So for me, this is an opportunity for these kids to make a difference. I cry for each one and I clap for each one. It is more about beauty, it is love and passion for the game, and I take inspiration from them as well.’

The series will be released on February 12
In the end, Sunil said, ‘This is just the beginning and hopefully ‘Kumite 1 Warrior Hunt’ will be better. I call Khali Bhai (The Great Khali) the ‘Little Gentle Giant’ and we need people like him to come forward and support sports like this. Let us tell you that ‘Kumite 1 Warrior Hunt’ will see 16 top male and female MMA athletes compete for a title, while being trained by renowned MMA coaches – Bharat Khandare and Pawan Mann. The six-episode series will release on MX Player on February 12.


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