How Indian Mail, Express and Superfast Express trains are classified. Know in detail how Indian trains are classified as Mail, Express or Superfast Express


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Photo: CANVA Know about Indian Railway’s Mail, Express, Superfast Express

Indian Railways is one of the largest rail networks in the world and the largest in Asia. The number of passengers traveling on Indian Railways every day is equal to the total population of Australia and it is the fourth largest railway network in the world in terms of length.

Match: According to Indian Railways, a train running at a speed of 50 kmph is called a Mail-Express train some examples of which are Punjab Mail, Mumbai Mail, Kalka Mail and many more.

Express: On the other hand, Express trains are a type of semi-priority rail service in the country. These trains run at a speed of 55 kilometers per hour and are often named after a city, place or an important personality.

Superfast : According to the official website of Indian Railways, if the speed of a train in both up and down direction is 55 kmph on broad gauge and 45 kmph on medium line, then the train can be called as Superfast Express. This means that a seat in this train will cost you more than in an express train. This is because the average speed of Superfast Express is higher than that of Express and Mail-Express trains.

  • Some superfast express trains in India exceed an average speed of 110 kmph. Moreover, the lesser number of stoppages also contribute to the train saving time and hence cost more than the other two types of trains.
  • Superfast trains save more time and are equipped with more facilities than mail or express trains. This is the reason why the charges levied in all the three types of trains are different. These include minimum distance charge, minimum general fare, reservation charge, superfast charge and GST etc. Including all these, the ticket charge is fixed.
  • Superfast surcharge is applicable on Superfast train tickets. This surcharge is 10% of the fare for second class, while it is 20% for sleeper. The surcharge is 30 per cent for air-conditioned chair car and all classes above.

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