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Ankara: The last one week has been a difficult one for Turkey. Many cities have been destroyed due to the earthquake. The buildings which once used to be the pride of these cities have become the cause of death of thousands of people. The city’s cities have become a pile of rubble because of the earthquake. The death toll continues to rise as the debris is being removed. If we look at the figures, it is beyond 20 thousand. But in the midst of this huge devastation, some miracles are also being seen. One of these miracles was seen in Kahramanmaras, Turkey, where an innocent girl trapped in the debris for 120 hours was pulled out alive.

Rescue operation lasted for 120 hours

Up to 50 people were believed to be inside the seven-story building in Turkey’s Maras area. When the rescue team here was continuously searching, at the same time they saw movement inside the debris. After seeing this movement, the team started the rescue operation. This rescue operation lasted for about 120 hours and after that the life of an innocent girl child was saved from the debris.

No trace of the girl’s family

During the rescue operation, an ambulance was called, oxygen cylinders were called to save the life of this innocent and then the debris was removed comfortably using hydraulic cutters and different modern machines. This innocent girl was found alive inside this. Along with this, there were other people of his family whose whereabouts are still unknown. While on one side this innocent girl was inside the debris, on the other side the family members were sitting outside the debris and praying for her to be taken out safely.

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