Jeevan Azad Policy. Golden opportunity to invest in this scheme, investors will get better benefits, know about it

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Jeevan Azad Policy: If you are preparing to invest at this time and are looking for a better opportunity to invest, then this news is for you. Let us tell you that by investing in LIC’s Jeevan Azad policy, you can earn better profits. At the same time, this scheme was launched by LIC in January 2023, where till now this policy has been bought by 50 thousand people, along with this it has received positive response in the Indian insurance market so far. Let us know about it in detail-

This is special in this Jeevan Azad policy

Let us tell you that in Jeevan Azad policy, the payment term has been kept minus 8 years, where if a policyholder opts for a policy term of 18 years, then that person will have to pay the premium for 10 years. Along with this, the plan guarantees a lump sum payment at maturity, with a maximum assured of Rs 5 lakh and a minimum assured of Rs 2 lakh.

These people can take policy, know what else is special

Any Indian can take this Jeevan Azad policy, where this policy can be taken for 15 to 20 years. Along with this, Jeevan Azad policy can be taken by any person from the age of 90 days to 50 years, where the policy holder will be given the option of paying premium on yearly, half-yearly, quarterly and monthly basis in this Jeevan Azad policy. .

This will be an advantage in Jeevan Azad policy

On the other hand, if a person aged 30 years takes Jeevan Azad policy for 18 years, where he deposits Rs 12,038 for 10 years for an assured of Rs 2 lakh. Meanwhile, if a policyholder dies, a provision has been made in this plan to pay 7 times the Basic Sum Assured or the annual premium. Along with this, on completion of its maturity, the policyholder will be given a guaranteed return.

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