Government will deposit money to PF account before holi. Government can give gift to these account holders before Holi, know about it

PF Account Interest money Government Release Soon- India TV Paisa
Photo: CANVA These account holders can get government gift before Holi

The PF account holder has been waiting for the interest rate money to be received in the PF account for a long time. Explain that the account holders of PF were expecting that their money would come in December, 2022, but it did not happen. After this, the account holders expected this amount to come before the presentation of the budget-2023, but still it did not happen. At the same time, this news is coming out that before Holi, the government can give great news to the PF account holders, where it can hand over the PF interest rate money to the account holders. Let us know about it in detail.

Because of this money can be transferred to pf account

Let us tell you that on February 1, 2023, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman had announced a change in the rules of PF, from where it was learned that the government is taking good care of this sector as well. At the same time, such a possibility is being expressed that the government can give this good news to the PF account holders before Holi, where its special benefit will be given to the employees of the Employees’ Provident Fund Organization across the country.

PF account holders have been waiting for so many days

Please tell that no official information has come from the government regarding this, while PF account holders are looking towards it for a long time. And in March, 2020-21, its interest rate was fixed at 8.5%, where in December, 2021, its interest money was handed over to the account holders. After this, its interest rate was fixed at 8.10% in March, 2021-22, whose money has not been handed over to the account holders till date i.e. even in the year 2023.

If money comes then check like this

On the other hand, if the government sends your money for Holi, then to check it, you can send it by SMS to 7738299899 by writing EPFOHO UAN ENG, after that you will get the balance information on the reply. Along with this, you can also check it through the website, Umang app.

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