Kim Jong Un wife wore unique pendant whole world scared for that know the reason. Kim Jong Un’s wife wore such a jewel, the whole world started worrying, know what is the reason

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Kim Jong Un wife Ri Sol Ju

Kim Jong Un: Kim Jong-un’s wife Ri Sol-ju wore such a pendant at the 75th military ceremony held on Wednesday, which is being discussed all over the world. Kim Jong Un’s wife Ri Sol Ju wore a pendant shaped like a ballistic missile around her neck. This shows that North Korea has given a unique message to the world regarding nuclear power. Ri Sol Ju attended the 75th Military Parade of the Korean People’s Army with her husband and daughter and warned the world through the pendant on her necklace. In fact, Ri Sol Joo wore a chain around his neck with a pendant hanging from a model of a ballistic missile. It was the exact same model of missile, which was tested and launched last year itself. This missile is capable of nuclear attack in many countries including America and about which the whole world is worried about North Korea and Kim Jong remains in those discussions.

Kim Jong Un seen with daughter and wife

The 75th Military Parade of the Korean People’s Army was organized in Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea. Kim Jong Un’s daughter Kim Joo Ae also attended the event along with her father and Kim Jong Un’s wife was also a part of the ceremony. Wednesday night’s parade featured the country’s latest technology and largest number of missiles, including at least 11 previously tested ICBMs and tactical nuclear weapons units, state media said on Thursday, with shorter ranges for battlefield use. Mentioned the systems of To celebrate the army’s 75th anniversary, the parade kicked off with fireworks and music around 10 p.m., before Kim, his wife and daughter appeared on a smiling balcony and then unveiled the armory to the cheers of the crowd. Did.

Dictator seen in matte black coat

Dressed in a thick black coat and hat, Kim Jong-un saluted with his generals, while his daughter Ju-ae, also dressed in formal dress, clapped proudly. This is believed to be his second child and is about ten years old. The parade is Joo-ae’s fifth public appearance since November, leading to speculation that he is being groomed for power.

On Tuesday, she joined army generals at a banquet at a high-end Pyongyang hotel, where Kim lauded the “irresistible power” of his nuclear-armed military. His dark suit and white blouse were decorated with black and silver brooches, but he did not wear a missile pendant like his mother, who is widely regarded as a style icon in North Korea.

State media have repeatedly referred to her as “dear daughter” and appear to be setting the stage for a future high-profile role, although some analysts believe her presence may be a threat to Kim. A trick may be to develop the image as a family man.

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