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Varun Gandhi News: Varun Gandhi, BJP MP from Pilibhit in UP, has been in headlines for several months now. There are speculations about him that he is angry with his party, due to which he is raising questions by making statements against the working of the state and central government. Varun Gandhi has not held any ministerial post in both the terms of the Modi government. Now Varun Gandhi has made a big claim regarding the ministerial post at the Centre. Varun claims that he was asked to become a minister twice, but he turned it down.

“I have turned down ministerial berths twice, which most people don’t know about,” MP Varun Gandhi said during the ThinkEdu Conclave of ‘New Indian Express’. Asked whether anyone felt offended when he turned down the ministerial berth, Varun Gandhi said, “If you say things to someone respectfully, if their respect is maintained, and if there is logic in your statements, then people Have heart.”

When Varun Gandhi was asked what four things he would have done if he had been the education minister, he said that first of all he would have changed the curriculum and increased the number of our teachers. Thereafter, he would spend the money on skilling the people. He said only 4% of the Indian workforce is skilled as opposed to 94% in South Korea.

He further said that he would have increased vocational education like in South Korea or Germany. “Once you complete your education, you can take three to five years to do vocational education. During this time you can also work in companies.” He said that all the youth should know that out of all the government jobs that have been created in the last five years, 79% are contractual jobs. They’re not real jobs, they don’t have pensions, they don’t have any social security benefits.

Varun Gandhi further said that therefore, under the bill that I have introduced, you will have to identify vacancies in a time-bound manner and conduct examinations in 45-60 days and then give jobs to people. I have put forward this bill and I have spoken to some ministers on this. He has also promised new jobs.


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