Nawazuddin Siddiqui wife Aaliya Siddiqui aka Anjana Kishor Pandey said that she will be heading for divorce after they got mired in a property dispute – Entertainment News India


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Nothing is going well in the personal life of Bollywood actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui and his wife Aaliya Siddiqui. Recently, Alia had made serious allegations against Nawazuddin and his mother, after which Alia has now shared a video on social media. In this video, Nawazuddin is seen talking outside the bungalow by sticking to the door, while Aaliya is talking from inside the house. Whereas Aaliya has a phone in her hand and she has recorded the whole thing with that. Along with the video, Alia has also shared some documents in the post, which she is referring to in the video.

Nawaz started living in live-in
Along with the video that Aaliya has shared on social media, the entire thing related to it has also been told in the caption. Alia writes, ‘I am sorry for giving 18 years of my life to such a person, in whose eyes I have no value. We met for the first time in the year 2004 and after that we got into a live in relationship. In Ekta Nagar, Charkop, Mhada, Mumbai, I, he (Nawaz) and his brother Shamsuddin Siddiqui lived together in a room. Our journey started like this and we all used to be very happy. I believed that he loves me and will always make me happy.

There was no money even for food.
Aaliya further wrote, ‘At that time he (Nawaz) did not even have money to eat, so me and brother Shamsuddin used to manage everything. After this I got married in the year 2010 and a year later I gave birth to a child. When needed at the time of delivery, I sold the flat which was given to me by my mother. Not only this, I also gifted him (Nawaz) a car with that money, so that he does not travel by bus, which he used to do till then. Now after so many years he has completely changed and is no longer human.

Being a superstar has become more of a liar and a cheater….
Alia further wrote in the caption, ‘This person was never a good person. He always insulted his ex girlfriends, ex wife and now me and is now targeting my kids. How can one stoop so low when every document and paper shows that he considered me his wife. If I had known that in future I would have to go through so much pain which I have been going through for the last 12 years, I would have preferred to go with someone who has a little money but not someone like him, who wants to be a superstar. Also became more liar and cheater, which I did not know when I married him.

Divorced after the birth of the first child.
Aaliya Siddiqui wrote at the end of the post, ‘He is saying that he divorced me after the birth of our first child and again after the divorce I got into a relationship with him and we had a live-in relationship. Gave birth to another child and later I came to know that he did not consider me as his wife even when we were not divorced. These allegations are very disgusting and it is very disrespectful to handle these things. So, my only aim with this message is to show everyone that this man has stooped so low and I want to show his true colours. The cheater can be of any caste and the one who has good upbringing will never cheat. So, I request everyone not to go by the religion of any person. Justice will prevail.


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