“Those who looted Tripura for years have come together for donations” PM said in Gomti

PM Modi's rally in Tripura's Radhakishorpur - India TV Hindi

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PM Modi’s rally in Radhakishorpur, Tripura

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that those who ruled Tripura for years, what did they do to the condition here. The rule of the Left and the Congress had created such a situation here that Lod was forced to leave the house. Addressing a rally at Radhakishorpur in Gomti, PM Narendra Modi said that the life of local STs, poor, women and youth had become difficult. Their dreams were shattered, children were forced to leave the state.

“Those who looted Tripura for years now come together”

PM Modi said that it had become difficult for the people to even get water and electricity. They did not even get basic facilities. Those who ruled Delhi and Tripura earlier never bothered about these facilities. Those who looted Tripura for years and forced people to live in poverty have now come together. The Prime Minister said that the double engine government of BJP has given a new path. Tripura is now moving forward.

“They have not come to do you any good, they have come for donations”
In Tripura’s Radhakishorpur, PM Modi said that he had kept lives and homes in the dark. Now my Tripura is giving electricity to Bangladesh. This CPM’s Chandra party used to loot your ration. Those who looted Tripura alternately over the years, the same people have come together again. They have come for donations. Have not come to do good for you. That’s why the people of Tripura have to be alert from the double edged sword of the Left-Congress.

PM Modi said that today everyone is getting full ration. How did we try to build houses after the government was formed in Delhi, the CPM government did not want to build houses for the poor. Addressing the rally, Modi said that if you removed the Leftists, then the result is also in front of you. Today Tripura is getting free ration, it is getting full ration. If anyone has benefited the most from this, then my mothers and sisters have benefited. Now there is no cut money, money goes directly to the farmer’s account.

“This huge crowd will give sleepless nights to the opponents”
Addressing a rally in Tripura, PM Modi said that we have given pucca houses to three lakh poor families. I make a promise to you today that the poor who have not yet got a pucca house. After the formation of the BJP government, the work of providing houses to them will be carried forward rapidly. The PM said that this huge crowd will give sleepless nights to the opponents.

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